05        Letters mailed to all churches for Woman & Youth of the Year

10        Deadline for articles for the February AACCW newsletter.

15        AACCW Annual Appeal mailed to all churches


06        Southeast District Meeting – St Mary Mother of God, Jackson

06        Southwest District Meeting – St Mary Magdalene, Newnan

10        AACCW newsletter THE MESSENGER mailed out.

20        Northwest District Meeting – St Theresa of the Child Jesus

Catholic Church, Douglasville

27        Northeast District Annual Women’s Retreat- Good Shepherd

Catholic Church, Cumming

MARCH 2016

11-13   South Carolina Convention – Myrtle Beach, SC

??         Villa International Dinner-7:00pm 1749 Clifton Road, NE, Atlanta

APRIL 2016

2          Southeast District Meeting – Sts Peter & Paul, Decatur

9          AACCW Board of Directors Meeting – 9:00am – Chancery, Rm A

10        Deadline for articles for the May AACCW newsletter.

15        Letters & forms mailed to all Presidents/Parishes for Roster revisions

16        Recognition Day – St Brigid Church-Johns Creek

23        Northwest District Meeting – Our Lady of the Mountains-Jasper

??         Northeast District Meeting – TBA

29-5/1  Savannah Diocesan Convention – Hinesville, GA

30        Southwest District Meeting – St Peter’s Church – LaGrange

MAY 2016


JUNE 2016

3-4       Eucharistic Congress – Georgia International Convention Center

10        Names of all parish presidents and pastors needed for AACCW

2016-2017 Roster. Mail form to AACCW Registrar

11        AACCW Board of Directors Meeting- 9:00am – Chancery, Rm A

13        District Presidents & Chairs of AACCW Board Commissions, Annual Reports due to the AACCW President.

25        AACCW Leadership Workshop – Chancery

JULY 2016

01        Call to AACCW Annual Convention mailed to: Archbishop,

Pastors, Moderators, Presidents, Friends, AACCW Board of

Directors and Province of Atlanta, DCCW members.

10        Deadline for articles for the August AACCW newsletter.


10        AACCW newsletter, THE MESSENGER mailed out.


8-11   NCCW Convention – Indianapolis, IN (Marriott Downtown)

16-18   AACCW 60th Annual Convention – Atlanta Marriott-Windy Hill


10        Deadline for articles for the November AACCW newsletter.


10        AACCW newsletter THE MESSENGER mailed out.


01        Mail out letters to all churches for Woman & Youth of the Year.

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