2020 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The theme of our 2020 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, “You are the Light of the World,” reminds us of our call to live a life of love and service, brightly shining God’s grace for all to see. When I look around the Archdiocese of Atlanta, the grace of God is immediately evident in the daily actions and generosity of the nearly 1.2 million Catholics in North and Central Georgia.

It is this generosity that has enabled our rapidly growing archdiocese, with a Catholic population that has increased nearly 50% in the last 10 years, to thrive. We are vibrant, diverse, and dedicated to serving the needs of our faithful and spreading the Good News. Your contributions to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal help to make that possible.

Last year, donations to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal enabled the archdiocese to:

  • Fund ministries that nurture children and teenagers in the Catholic faith and teach values they will carry into adulthood.
  • Pay for the proper formation of our 46 seminarians on the road to priestly ordination.
  • Enable us to promote Catholic values about the sanctity of all life and make our voice heard in defense of the most vulnerable.
Bishop Joel Konzen

Please join me in participating again, or for the first time, in this year’s Archbishop’s Annual Appeal as a way to live our call to shine our light and make a difference in our Church and community.

100% of your Appeal contributions are used for the growth of our local Church. You can find more information on how your gifts are used at appeal.archatl.com.

On behalf of those blessed by the support of the appeal, thank you for your thoughtful giving and kind stewardship. I hold each of you in my prayers and praise the Lord for the light you bring to the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

† Bishop Joel Konzen
Diocesan Administrator
Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Atlanta

Your gift impacts more than 1,000,000 Catholics

90 parishes, 12 missions and 2 pastoral centers enriching more than 1,150,000 Catholics, 189 diocesan priests and 88 religious priests, 86 women and men religious, 279 permanent deacons and 52 seminarians. 11,558 students are being served in our 15 archdiocesan elementary schools, 3 archdiocesan high schools and 6 independent Catholic schools. 40,855 students in parish religious education programs. 15 college campus ministries for outreach and evangelization to over 7,365,000 people in north and central Georgia.

Evangelization to more than 7 million people in north and central Georgia.

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