2021 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I chose the theme of this year’s annual appeal, Our Joyful Return to the Lord, in hopes that you would know the joy of resting in the open arms of Jesus in difficult times, and to encourage you to return to the Lord with your whole selves. It is this continuous conversion and selfless giving that I see vividly present in our north and central Georgia community.

I invite you to read the words of Fr. Miller Gomez Ruiz, Bill Clarke, and Eglee Treber, and consider participating in this year’s Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. Look at the numbers and impact your contribution has in the archdiocese of Atlanta. These examples are just a small snapshot of the important work being done in our local church – only made possible by your generous donation to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, the main funding source for all of the ministerial, outreach, education, formation and discipleship work of our archdiocese.

Many families, like Jorge & Anali Cisneros, parishioners at St Michael in Gainesville, give to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal with confidence that their gift will have a tangible impact, especially in this time of increased need. Along with their young daughter, they are committed to supporting both their parish and the work of the archdiocese through that annual appeal. In Anali’s own words, “Faith and action go hand in hand. Being a part of the bigger picture makes me proud. My action can reach so many people.”

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful action and support of our community.

With prayerful best wishes, I am

Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv

Archbishop of Atlanta

Archbishop Hartmayer, Archbishop of Atlanta

Your gift impacts more than 1,000,000 Catholics

92 parishes, 10 missions and 4 pastoral centers enriching over 1,180,000 Catholics, 5,394 students are being served in our 15 archdiocesan elementary schools, 3 archdiocesan high schools and  6 independent Catholic schools. There are 52,146 students in parish religious education programs. 9 college campus ministries for outreach and evangelization to more than 7 million people in north and central Georgia.

Evangelization to more than 7 million people in north and central Georgia.

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