Walking with Moms in Need

Keri Ninness

“I want to help women make beautiful stories from hard places. I am passionate about helping moms be moms.”
Keri Ninness, parish ministry lead of Walking with Moms in Need St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Marietta

Not only does Keri Ninness, parishioner of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Marietta and mom of five, fully live respect for life from conception to natural death, but as the local leader of her parish Walking with Moms in Need ministry, she enables others to make a tangible impact on the lives of families in their area. Walking with Moms in Need, a program of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, is organized and supported in the Archdiocese of Atlanta by the Office of Life, Dignity, Justice and Inclusion, Respect Life Ministry, funded by your donations to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.

Your support of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal allows us to serve families in a comprehensive and integrated manner, from diapers and baby showers to crisis intervention and emotional support, so that moms can be moms.

Living as a Eucharistic People

Monica Oppermann
Office of Evangelization and Discipleship

We want to equip and empower our Eucharistic Revival Missionaries to lead and accompany in their individual parishes. We want people to encounter Jesus Christin the Eucharist – the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus.”

— Monica Oppermann Office of Evangelization and Disciples

As a part of the three-year National Eucharistic Revival in the United States, the Archdiocese of Atlanta is inviting our North and Central Georgia community to a greater devotion to and understanding of the Real Presence in the Eucharist. Monica Oppermann, evangelization strategist with the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship, is a key member of the team implementing the local three-year plan. The plan promotes prayer and formation opportunities as well as archdiocesan-wide events, to grow a grassroots movement of revival. Starting with the formation of more than 100 Eucharistic Revival Missionaries, the goal is to equip and empower parish representatives to be catalysts in their communities.

Your support of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal fans the flames of the revival as our archdiocese seeks for all to personally encounter Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Renewed by the Eucharist

Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.

“When I see other people respond to the Eucharist with such devotion and with such attention, it increases my own faith. There’s a synergy that’s created when we gather around the Eucharist in prayer. We feed off each other, but primarily because we are fed first and foremost by Christ… It is through Christ, it is through the Eucharist, that we can continue to grow and have a more active life in ministry and service to others.”

Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.

In June 2021, Archbishop Hartmayer announced the beginning of a period of Eucharistic Renewal in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. As a part of a three-year “Eucharistic Revival” occurring across the Catholic Church in the United States, Atlanta is primed to lead the way. Starting first on an archdiocesan level, the 2022 Eucharistic Congress will bring tens of thousands of people together to learn more about what the Church holds and teaches about the Eucharist, including moving testimonies from renowned and faith-filled presenters.

Your support of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal makes the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s Eucharistic Congress possible, and fans the flame of renewal as our archdiocese commits to increased education about and reverence for the Body of Christ.

Answering the Call

Fr. Juan Carlos Villota Viteri, parochial vicar
Cathedral of Christ the King

The support of the people who gave for my seminary education echoes forever and ever. I learn and then give to others – formation does not end.”

Fr. Juan Carlos Villota Viteri, parochial vicarCathedral of Christ the King

Fr. Juan Carlos Villota was in his pastoral year of seminarian formation when the pandemic required new and creative ways to reach the people, spurring video content and Zoom calls. Ordained in 2022, Fr. Villota who is Colombian, continues to learn about priestly life in his role as vicar at Cathedral of Christ the King. Among the experiences that have impacted him as a priest have been the confessions. He shares that this is because God’s love and mercy is always available to heal what we think cannot be forgiven.

Your support of the Archbishop’s Annual  Appeal enables the education and formation of seminarians, ensuring that there is no shortage of well-formed, holy priests in our growing and thriving Catholic Church in North and Central Georgia.

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