AACCW Commissions

The purpose of the Commission System is coordination of the programs of NCCW (National Council of Catholic Women) and AACCW (Atlanta Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women) in the context of the Second Vatican Council Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity.

The Commission work provides the opportunity for women without any prior organizational experience to develop confidence, organizational competence, sensitivity to the needs of others and opportunities to know and use the resources of the church and society.

The three (3) Commissions that provide us with knowledge and opportunity are:

Spirituality Commission Bonnie Petrukovich, Chair
The Spirituality Commission reinforces faith and supports service to the Church and to the world through discipleship and spiritual growth. This commission encourages legislative advocacy at the local, state and national levels, guided by Catholic social teachings.
Leadership Commission Peggy Ballou and Janise Miller, Chairs
The Leadership Commission provides organization development, opportunities for training, as well as public relations resources, and publications to strengthen leadership.
Service Commission Peggy Fritz, Chair
The Service Commission engages the members of AACCW, and all people, in working to address the needs and concerns of their individual communities; and supports and enhances family life within the Church and society.

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