Digital Content for Formation at Home

Free Supplemental Curriculum Materials and Digital Content

Digital Catholic Content, laptop on desk

Select YouTube Videos for Children and Youth

(please be mindful that certain YouTube settings can be open to inappropriate or dangerous content—please check links and monitor viewing appropriately)

  • First Communion – animated video for children by EWTN Ireland.
  • The Mass – animated video for children by EWTN Ireland.
  • What Is Adoration? A how-to video presented by St. Ann’s Launch Children’s Ministry. 
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Online Resources for Middle School and High School Youth

Other Resources to Explore

David Bisono (Spanish) David has a daily podcast, and starting Friday, March 20, he will have a weekly TV show on YouTube. He is also starting a live daily radio show on EWTN. Check his FB page for updates.

Below are links organized under various headings with some overlap with what was shared above—some content is available for free; other content may require a subscription:

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