The Office of Intercultural and Ethnic Diversity works to support inculturation initiatives assisting our rapidly growing diverse Catholic communities.

To this end, we are seeking to establish advisory networks of lay people from our various communities to regularly provide the office with insight regarding the general concerns and anxieties of communities around the archdiocese, and to serve as a vital tool of communication and evangelization between our diverse Catholic communities, Chancery offices, and other communities of the archdiocese.

Creating such networks and calling upon the cumulative knowledge, wisdom, experience, and good will of its members, the objective integration and scrutinizing of the office’s ministry will enhance efforts of evangelization for all parishioners in the archdiocese.

These advisory networks will not create or execute events or programs in and of itself or through the OIED. Instead, quarterly meetings should provide sufficient time and space to address issues of concern as the office develops its ministry and evangelization programming for the archdiocese.

To register for this event, please click the link below. Registration for the event will close on July 12, 2018.

For more information about the event or the Black Catholic Advisory Network, please contact Mr. Ashley Morris, Th.M. via email at

Archdiocese of Atlanta Chancery

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