The largest territorial division of the Latin Church, an ecclesiastical province, is an administrative district comprising several dioceses. It is united under the presidency of an archbishop or metropolitan. The Archbishop of Atlanta holds the ex officio title of Metropolitan of the Province of Atlanta. Dioceses of the Province (Provincial Sees): Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina.

During this year’s meeting, the bishops in this province have decided to make a public statement about the need for gun reforms in light of all of the violence we have seen in the last few months. Archbishop Harmayer’s homily will touch on the subject and the bishops will sign a formal statement calling for some specific reforms after Mass. The bishops present during the Mass and the signing of the document will be:

From Atlanta, Archbishop Gregory Harmayer, Bishop Joel Konzen, Bishop Ned Shlesinger III and Bishop John Trần; from Savannah, Bishop Stephen Parkes and Bishop John Boland (retired); from South Carolina, Bishop Jacques Fabre; from North Carolina, Bishop Luis Zarama. Check out some pics! We hope you join us in praying and asking your legislators for laws that addresses the violence in our communities.

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