High school male students are invited to attend this retreat to help them discern God’s call to religious life. This weekend retreat will include group activities and talks with local seminarians.

Quo Vadis, Retreat for High School Men, Camp Gideon, Acworth, GA, July 23 – 25, high school men through just graduated.  Contact Sally Scardasis in the Office of Vocations for more information at 404-920-7463 or sscardasis@archatl.com.

THE LEGEND  – The name Quo Vadis refers to a story about St. Peter that occurred a few days before his crucifixion.  Legend tells us that as Peter was walking away from Rome he encountered Jesus carrying His cross on the Appian Way.  Peter was leaving Rome in discouragement due to the persecutions, thinking that Christ’s Church would never be founded. When he encountered Jesus, Peter asked Him, “Quo Vadis Domine?” or “Where are you going Lord?” Jesus replied, “I am going to Rome to be crucified once again.”  At that moment, St. Peter’s discouragement turned to courage.  He turned around and walked back to Rome, knowing what he had to do.  A few days later he bore witness to Christ and was crucified upside down in the area of the Vatican Hill, planting the seed where the Church would grow.

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