1. When a donor makes known their wish to gift shares from their mutual fund account held at a broker, the first step is to provide the following information to the Archdiocese of Atlanta so that SunTrust can set up an account.
    1. Name of the fund family (ie, Vanguard, Fidelity, etc.)
    2. The exact name of the fund
    3. The fund number if applicable
    4. The cusip number of the fund if known
    5. Class of shares if applicable
    6. Number of shares to be gifted (not the dollar amount)
    7. Donor’s brokerage name

    Attachment I is a sample of a letter that could be used by the donor. The above information is available on the donor’s statement and a copy of the statement would be useful to include with the letter (for confidentiality purposes, the portion of the statement with account balance information should be deleted out). Including a copy of the donor’s statement is optional. The Archdiocese of Atlanta will forward the letter to SunTrust.

  2. Upon receipt of the information in the above letter, SunTrust will open an account at the mutual fund company for the benefit of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Once we have obtained the registration and account number of this new account, we will provide it to the Archdiocese of Atlanta. The donor must then instruct their broker to transfer the shares to the new account. Attachment II is a sample of this letter.
  3. We will notify the Archdiocese of Atlanta once the shares are received and ask for instructions on disposition of the shares.

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