We congratulate the third cohort of Graduates from the Archdiocese of Atlanta, who obtained their Certificate in Pastoral Theology from the University of Dallas on April 27, 2019.

They join 124 parish leaders that graduated from the same program in 2016 and 2017.   With joy and hope, we welcome and pray for the fourth class of students that start their studies in the fall of 2019.

2019 CERTIFICADO EN TEOLOGÍA PASTORAL (CPT) GRADUATESClick Here For Complete Coverage of the 2019 Class Graduation
2017 Certificado en Teología Pastoral (CPT) Graduates
2016 Certificado en Teología Pastoral (CPT) GraduatesClick Here For Complete Coverage of the First Class Graduation

In 2012, the Office of Formation and Discipleship requested the University of Dallas Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff School of Ministry to create an online version of its long prestigious 3-year course in Spanish in pastoral theology, with the objective of forming Hispanic parish leaders that support the evangelizing, catechetical and pastoral ministry in the Archdiocese of Atlanta parishes.

The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL) awarded the Archdiocese of Atlanta the 2017 Diocesan New Wineskins Award, recognizing the significance of this initiative due to the following components:

  • Close partnership between the Archdiocese of Atlanta and its pastors for the formation of capable leaders in ministry.
  • Pastor-nomination mechanism to receive Archdiocesan scholarships for the three years of study.
  • Individualized accompaniment in the personal, intellectual and spiritual development of students.
  • Attention to a much needed and growing ministry in the Catholic Church in United States, with the hope of paving the way for other Catholic dioceses around the country.
  • The innovative nature of outsourcing teaching to a capable and reputable Catholic institution, to ensure a solid theological and ministerial formation.
  • The archdiocesan and parish acknowledgement of leaders, by supporting financially the total cost of the program.
  • The ability to reach out not only to parishes in the Atlanta metro area, but also to those geographically distant from the city, accommodating for work schedule and transportation challenges for the Hispanic population.
  • Affirming and recognizing the ability of Hispanic leaders to take advantage of long-term online learning.
Diocesan New Wineskin Award
2017 Diocesan New Wineskins Award

Expected Registration for the 5th Cohort to Open in March 2022

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