The Office of Formation and Discipleship, in partnership with The University of Dallas School of Ministry, offers the Certificado en Teología Pastoral (CPT) online and in Spanish to parish leaders, in order to prepare them for the evangelization and catechetical mission of the Church in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

The CPT consists of 19 courses (12 theological, 6 pastoral and a study skills course), taught over a period of 3 years by instructors of The University of Dallas School of Ministry. These courses provide an ample and solid theological foundation for the comprehension of the Christian faith and initiate the student in the continuous study of the faith and the Catholic tradition.

Upon completion of the program, the student receives a Certificado en Teología Pastoral from the University of Dallas School of Ministry. Completion of CPT also satisfies the academic requirements with which to apply for Master Catechist Certification in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

To date 124 graduates have completed the Certificate in Pastoral Theology.

In May 2017, the Archdiocese of Atlanta received the prestigious “New Wineskins Award” that highlights extraordinary achievement in the area of evangelization and catechesis. The award is sponsored by the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL) and the Archdiocese was selected for the innovative Certificate in Pastoral Theology, a ministry formation program in Spanish, sponsored by the Archdiocese since 2012.

The name of the Award, “New Wineskins”, refers to the ancient practice of storing wine in the skins of animals. It was required that new wine should never be put in used skins. Hence each year the NCCL recognizes significant new programs to enhance and expand on Catholic catechesis in the dioceses of the United States.

One of the components that impressed the NCCL was the close partnership between the Archdiocese of Atlanta, its parishes & pastors, and University of Dallas School of Ministry. They also appreciated how the diocese recognized the personal needs of the participants (study and communication skills, financial, technological) and found ways to address those needs. NCCL affirmed that this is a much needed ministry in the growing church in United States, one that can pave the way for other dioceses around the country.

Course Starts

Registration for the next class opens in April 2019


  • High School Diploma
  • Computer access with sound system
  • Internet access
  • 3 year study commitment
  • Active participation in parish ministry
  • Spanish proficiency

Academic Load Each Year

  • Preparatory course – 4 weeks
  • Fall semester- 15 weeks
  • Spring semester – 15 weeks
  • Weekly discussion forum participation
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Reading of 3-4 books and church documents per semester




  • Introduction to Theology
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church

Historical Theology

  • History of the Church
  • Fathers of the Church

Sacred Scripture

  • Introduction to Sacred Scripture
  • Pentateuch
  • Gospels


  • Spirituality and Prayer
  • Theological Reflection

Moral Theology

  • Moral Theology Foundations


  • Catechesis and Evangelization
  • Christian Leadership
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Methods of Catechesis

Contact Information

For more information please contact Monica Oppermann, 404-920-7632 or


  • “Our gifts and talents must be formed and guided to work most effectively to carry out a mission of evangelization.”

    Danilo Campos
    Danilo Campos parish leader, Saint Philip Benizi, Jonesboro
  • “I thank God for having acquired the tools to deepen my knowledge of Moral Theology during my CPT course. This has rendered enormous fruits in my ministry at the parish and my College Catholic Center”

    Joandra Ocampo
    Joandra Ocampo parish leader, Saint Mary’s, Rome

2017 Certificado en Teología Pastoral (CPT) Graduates


2016 Certificado en Teología Pastoral (CPT) Graduates

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