Complete Count Committee Campaign

Bishop Konzen signing a letter about the 2020 Census

On August 7, 2019, Bishop Konzen signed a resolution creating an Archdiocese of Atlanta Census 2020 Complete Count Committee Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness of and participation in the 2020 Census.

Resolution AoA 2020 Census Complete Count Committee

A Resolution creating a Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta Census 2020 Complete Count Committee Campaign to plan and conduct local educational initiatives, publicity and promotional activities to increase parish community awareness and participation in the 2020 census.

Last Updated: November 18, 2019


It is our responsibility to bring awareness to issues of social justice and provide information to our Catholic faithful, especially during these trying times. It is important that everyone understands the impact that participating in the 2020 Census now will have in our communities over the next ten years. We encourage you to share the resources below with your communities.

Why Does it Matter?

The data collected in the census helps both the state and federal government to accurately assess the needs of communities. Further, funding for critical public services, such as hospitals and fire departments, is based in large part upon this data. If there are gaps in data in particular geographic areas, important services and funding are at risk of being cut to those communities who may need it most.

Catholic Social Teaching calls us to respect and promote human life and dignity. In assisting the State in collecting these responses, we are answering that call by ensuring that the human and social needs of every community are identified and met.

Get Involved

A primary goal of this campaign is to create and resource pastor-approved Parish Complete Count Committees. If you would like to start a committee in your parish, please contact Kat Doyle, Director of Justice and Peace Ministries.

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