The Church believes trade must benefit people, not just markets and economies. It is crucial that these complex, multifaceted agreements include a robust juridical framework that protects the common good and the most vulnerable.”

Bishop Frank Dewane and Bishop Oscar Cantú, Joint Comments to US Trade Representative on North American Free Trade Agreement.

What is Ethical Trade?

Ethical Trade is not only concerned with safe working conditions and fair prices, but also with environmental sustainability. Engaging in ethical trade demands that we look at our own purchasing habits and that we be conscious of what we spend our money on. It begs the question, “Are we being good stewards of our finances and of our environment?”

Host a Sale

Hosting an Ethical Trade Sale in your parish allows you to introduce your fellow parishioners to our brothers and sisters around the world through their art, their produce, and their stories.

While in-person sales are not advised for the present time, the SERRV & Earn program provides an excellent opportunity to promote ethical trade and raise money for your parish. In signing up for SERRV & Earn, you will receive a custom link to share with your community. Your parish will earn 20% of each completed sale.

Contact Jayna to learn more about this opportunity!

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