The Recovering from Divorce Facilitator Training

Accompany those recovering from divorce in your parish.

Feeling called to provide support to those Catholics recovering from divorce in your parish?

For more than ten years, the Recovering from Divorce program has been helping Catholics find hope and healing through their Catholic faith.

Equip volunteers to minister to the divorced and separated at your parish.  The Recovering from Divorce program has been assisting individuals for 10 years, helping them find hope and healing through their Catholic faith.

How to choose a facilitator:

  1. Have been through the annulment process
  2. Fully living their Catholic faith
  3. Three years have passed since their divorce

100% Catholic- Based on Catholic teaching and doctrine, Recovering from Divorce will shorten recovery time, help regain hope, and restore peace to life by helping connect with the power of  the Catholic faith.

Trusted- In use by parishes and dioceses throughout the United States and Canada.

Affordable- Divorce is difficult on budgets. All of Divorced Catholic’s programs are designed to be affordable.

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A resource of programs and books for divorced Catholics to help them get their life back on track after divorce, and move forward in their faith with hope and confidence.

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