Four Keys for Practicing Faith

  • Faith Formation 20/20: Designing the Future of Faith Formation, by John Roberto, LifelongFaith Associates, 2010, pg. 135-136
  1. Caring Conversations. Christian values and faith are passed on to the next generation through supportive conversation. Listening and responding to the daily concerns of children and youth makes it easier to have meaningful conversations regarding the love of God, and are ways to express God’s love to others. Hearing their parents “faith stories” is one of the most important influences on the faith of children and teenagers.
  2. Family Devotions and Prayer. The Christian faith shapes the whole of our lives and involves a d lifetime of study reflection, and prayer. Family devotions provide a way to learn more about the Bible and Christian traditions as a family, and apply the teaching to daily life as a follower of Jesus Christ. This understanding of devotional life includes, but is not limited to, public worship, bedtime prayers, Bible reading and study, table grace, evening and morning prayers and praying along at any time of the day or night.
  3. Family Rituals and Traditions. Families identify themselves and tell their family stories through daily routines, celebrations, and rituals. Family rituals can take many forms from daily rituals such a mealtime, bedtime, leaving and returning; celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and special achievements; church year rituals at home such as Advent and Lent; milestones such as births, deaths, first day of school and graduations, and so on. Family rituals and traditions speak volumes about what the family values, believes and promotes, and how much the family values its faith.
  4. Family Service. Engaging in service with one’s family is a powerful opportunity for growing in faith. Both youth and adults are more likely to have a growing strong faith when their family service others together; in the home, in the congregation, in the community and world.

Four Keys for Practicing the Faith

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