The Appeal Process: Court of Appeals or the Roman Rota.


The Formal Appeal process occurs under the circumstance in which the one of parties involved in the marriage case wish to Appeal the First Instance Decision.  The Appeal can be made against either an Affirmative or Negative Decision.  The Petitioner, the Respondent, and/or the Defender of the Bond may appeal the decision to the Court of Appeals, for the Province of Atlanta, or to the Tribunal of the Roman Rota within 15 business days of notice of the decision. If a formal appeal is made, another set of procedures begin. In this instance, a completely new trial is conducted – new witnesses, experts, etc. can all be cited.

Lastly, please take into consideration that if an affirmative decision is made, that is, recognizing that a marriage was not valid under the canon law of the Catholic Church, there may be some restrictions that must be addressed before the Petitioner or the Respondent can remarry within the Catholic Church.

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