Prior to the submission of your case, you need to contact your local parish to speak with a case sponsor, deacon or priest.

Privilege cases have as the primary focus proving that at least one of the parties was not baptized at the time of the union.

The timing of baptisms in relation to the marriage and divorce are so essential that most of the focus on the investigation is on the baptism of the parties.  There are two kinds of Privilege Cases, Pauline and Favor of the Faith.

Pauline Privilege

The Pauline Privilege is utilized in the event that neither party of the marriage was validly baptized before or during the marriage. You (the Petitioner) must be willing to become validly baptized before entering a new union (marriage) in the Catholic Church or convalidation of a current union (marriage).

Favor of the Faith

The Favor of the Faith (formerly called Petrine Privilege) is utilized in certain, specified cases where one person was unbaptized at the time of the marriage.

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