Training Classes

Please note: Classes are on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees are based on each specific class. There is a minimum requirement of 4 students for any class to be held.

Online Classes via Tele Training!
Learn how to use various software applications from the comfort of your own office – No traveling required!

Call into a conference line, join the online presentation and then sit back and take notes as the presenter walks you through how to perform tasks with our various archdiocesan software programs.

Due to the telecommunications software capabilities we must limit the number of seats accessed per call. Therefore, participation is restricted to those registering in advance. Classes presented via web access are denoted by listing “Tele Training/Online Presentation (view only)” for the Location.

Instructions, including the conference line number and how to participate in the online presentation, will be emailed to you 24-48 hours before class time.


If you have questions, please contact Susan Shirley,

Current Class Offerings
Click on the class topic (ParishSOFT, Microsoft, etc.) for a list of current classes offered.

Parish + School Insights Conference

This event offers a variety of sessions covering topics of interest for staff and volunteers of our parishes and schools. Who should attend? Parish and School system users, clergy, business managers, finance council chairs, volunteer coordinators, etc.

Agenda to come

Lunch will be served.

Systems Covered: ParishSOFT, Logos, HR and SEP Systems

All ParishSOFT, Logos, HR & SEP users, and Business Managers are encouraged to attend!

ConnectNow Accounting
CNA Mapping Webinar

This presentation will help you understand how to map your Logos Chart of Accounts to the new ConnectNow Accounting (CNA) Chart of Accounts. The Mapping Document will be distributed to you after class via email and must be completed and submitted to the Archdiocese PRIOR TO your Hands on Training Date of Tuesday, October 14th. Instructions on how to submit the completed Mapping Document will be provided during this tele training session.

Who should attend? The primary person(s) responsible for keying data into Logos. Class size is limited so if there is more than one person from your parish/school wishing to attend, please consider using one phone line and computer to join the presentation.

CNA Hands on Training

In this hands on class, you will practice data entry in the NEW ConnectNow Accounting (CNA) system, keying data and running reports using the Archdiocesan Chart of Accounts. You will be given your login to the production database and begin activating your parishes Chart of Accounts and entering your vendors. A list of items to bring to class will be sent to you. The CNA Mapping Document must be completed and sent to the Archdiocese of Atlanta PRIOR TO Hands on Training.

Who should attend? The primary person(s) responsible for keying data into Logos. Please limit the number of attendees from your parish/school to the primary data entry users as the class size is restricted to 20 students.

CNA FAQ and Review

This class is for new and existing users of the ConnectNow Accounting system. This session will address tips and reminders of commonly asked questions and issues.


This class will show ParishSOFT Administrators how to navigate and view their ParishSOFT families using the internet. You will learn how families can register online for the parish, update their phone
numbers and addresses, add member records, view their giving history and more.

This is a tele training class that is led by a ParishSOFT instructor.

It is offered for a limited time and for limited number of attendees.


ParishSOFT Basics Training: Family Directory, Religious Education, Offering, Time & Talent

Full Course (lunch is not included)
For Parish Administrators and Key parish personnel.

Individual Modules
For those staff members or volunteers that need training in specialized areas only (Family Directory is a prerequisite for all other modules). NOTE: Tuition and My Own Church are not covered in this introductory class.

Family Directory– The individual(s) responsible for adding, editing and deleting family and member information, running census reports, directories and correspondence including envelope lists, and bulk mailings.

Offertory – That individual(s) responsible for posting weekly collections for all funds, running contribution statements, posting and maintaining Pledge records, and other areas connected to the parish contributions.

Religious Education – Those individuals who are responsible for actively building your sessions and classes or those individuals who will be “hands on” involved with updating information and or class lists, creating reports, or maintaining sacramental records.

Time & Talent – Those individuals who will maintain ministry lists, scheduling ministers, inputting responses from stewardship drives, creating rosters or posting schedules.


ParishSOFT Basics Agenda 2010

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(Note: you may register for one or multiple modules)

ParishSOFT Parish IQ

Introduction to the query writing tool for ParishSOFT. Learn how to get the answers you need from your ParishSOFT database using Parish IQ’s drop down lists to choose from fields in the database. Print a list of the data, merge it with a Word document or export it to Excel. Save the query and use it whenever you need current results from your database. Share the query with others on your staff and even create Workgroups with the results.

NOTE: a basic knowledge of ParishSOFT modules required

ParishSOFT: Religious Education and Tuition

Milestones: Ever struggled with keeping up with what child has turned in their papers? Milestones help you keep track of “assignments” given to children in your Religious Ed program: Who has turned in their baptismal certificate? Who still needs to write a paper on their saint for confirmation? Learn how to create your own, assign milestones to an entire class or to an individual, and create reports to see who still has tasks to complete.

Note: Basic knowledge of Religious Education module is recommended.

ParishSOFT Religious Ed Milestones – TELE TRAINING!

Learn how to track tasks that your students need to complete for various reasons:  Safe Environment Tracking (use in conjunction with the new Virtus program), Sacramental Prep (track if students have turned in baptismal certificates or completed service hours), and more!

ParishSOFT Enrichment (all modules)

Time saving tips and tricks covering everything you need to know to maximize the tools provided in ParishSOFT. We will reviews current Archdiocesan Policies and Procedures. Please note: ParishSOFT Basics is a recommended prerequisite.

ParishSOFT Family Directory

Introduction to navigating in ParishSOFT Family Directory. Learn how to create new Family and Member Records, import families and members, get introduced to the sacramental screens and more.

ParishSOFT for Stewardship

PLEDGES: This class is dedicated to showing you how to establish and track pledges in ParishSOFT. Learn how to create pledges and capital campaigns, add new pledge, along with best practices for posting new pledges.

Note: Basic knowledge of Family Directory and Offering Contributions is recommended.

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