The purpose of the Council of Deacons is

a) To support the spiritual and educational needs of each of its Deacons.

b) To strengthen and preserve the community of Deacons serving in the Archdiocese.

Council of Deacons

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory

Episcopal Delegate: Bishop Bernard Shlesinger III

Director of Deacon Personnel: Deacon Dennis Dorner

Associate Co-Directors of Formation: Penny Simmons and Deacon José Espinosa

Chairman: Deacon Roger Fraser

Vice Chairman: Deacon Tom Walter

Committee Chairperson
Bereavement Committee Deacon Egan
Continuing Education Open
Deacon’s Wives programs Deacon Walter
Outreach programs Deacon O’Donogue
Pastoral Crisis / Intervention SWAT Team Deacon Carignan
Prison Ministry Deacon Fraser
Retreats Committee Deacon Anzalone
Social Committee Open
Social Justice Deacon Toca, Deacon Chambliss
Veterans Support Deacon Petersen

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