Yes! Every Baptized person is called to be holy: Be holy because I am holy” 1 Peter 1:16.

Beyond this universal call to holiness, God calls each of us to a particular state in life: Married, Religious, Priesthood or Generous Single.

How do I discern God’s call?

In Latin, the word for discernment is discernere, which means to separate or to distinguish. Through discernment, we can distinguish between “being in the world”, and “being of the world”.  As Christians, we are all called to holiness first and foremost. By seeking after Christ and putting His Word into action in our own daily lives, we conform to His will and can distinguish what our next steps are.

Here are a few steps to discerning God’s call:

Strive for Holiness
  • Acknowledge your weakness and Christ’s strength
  • Receive the sacrament of confession often
  • Develop a consistent daily prayer life
  • Humble yourself more and more
Pray for opportunities
  • To grow in faith, hope and love
  • To conform of our lives and His will
  • To practice patience and receive peace through the discernment process
Become open to endless possibilities
  • Allow Christ to take you everywhere and anywhere
  • Trust in the midst of uncomfortable situations
  • Simply become open to the idea of becoming a seminarian, deacon, or priest
Listen to God
  • Listen in silent prayer; become capable of hearing the whisper of God
  • Listen to the liturgy during Holy Mass
  • Listen in scripture via Lectio Divina
Find a Spiritual Director
  • A spiritual director is usually a priest
  • They advise, guide, and encourage
  • They notice the ‘finger of the Lord’ on our hearts
  • They often recognize where Christ is leading us
Talk to your Vocations Director!

Discerning God’s will entails praying and listening in silence with the Lord.

In prayer, we must learn to discern the voice of the Lord from the voices of the world, the flesh and the devil.

Here are a few spiritual discernment tips which allow Christ to reveal Himself to us:

  • Patience. Love is patient!
  • Forgiveness. Forgive others and yourself
  • Wisdom. Pray for opportunities and the wisdom to choose them
  • Humility. Humble yourself; pray constantly for others
  • Peace. Pray for peace to rid any anxiety or nervousness
  • Charity. Give to anyone who is less fortunate; Christ reveals Himself in the eyes of those in need
  • Trust. Trust in God’s grace and trust in His Majesty
  • Surrender. Surrender yourself as servants, willing to be His hands and feet
  • Read. Read Sacred Scripture and about Sacred Tradition

What is a Diocesan Priest?

A Diocesan Priest is quite different from a Religious Order Priest, though they are both important roles in the church.  A Diocesan Priest serves in the parishes of a geographic diocese or archdiocese and makes promises of:

  • Obedience to the Bishop
  • Daily prayer (Liturgy of the Hours)
  • Celibacy for the Kingdom

What is a Religious Priest?

The majority of Religious Order Priests serve in communities, monasteries, and sometimes in parishes. A Religious Order Priest takes vows of:

  • Poverty
  • Celibate Chastity
  • Obedience
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