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Established: 2021
Deanery: Northeast Metro
County: Gwinnett
Language: Korean

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    Since 2000, the Korean community in Gwinnett County has grown at a rapid pace, doubling in size to 22,001 people in 2010. The Korean Catholic community has grown along with Gwinnett County, and the increasing size necessitated the founding of the Saint Andrew Kim Korean Catholic Church in Duluth. The mission is overseen by the Korean Martyrs Catholic Church in Doraville and is led by Father Hyong-Nyol Ryu.

    The mission, located in a red brick former Baptist church, is named after the first native Korean priest, Saint Andrew Kim, who attended seminary in China and returned to Korea before being martyred in 1846 at the age of 25. The mission offers all Masses in Korean, except for a children’s service in English.

    In addition to celebrating Catholic feast days and celebrations, the community at Saint Andrew Kim also observes several Korean cultural celebrations, including the Korean New Year and the Korean harvest celebration. These cultural events are combined with special prayers during Mass and help shape the unique blend of Korean culture and Catholicism that makes it attractive to many in the Korean population.

    Since August, 2011, the Saint Andrew Kim community has grown from 98 families to 228 families, more than doubling its membership in 18 months.


    2249 Duluth Highway 120 Duluth, GA 30097

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