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I have seen a brochure. Where can I get the brochure?

Each parish received copies of the brochure in their media packet.  We have the brochures available online as well.

The brochure will be made available in additional languages at pastor requested.

Where is the closest parish to my house?

Visit our Find a Parish page to find the closest parish to you. If you need additional help, please contact the Office of the Chancellor.

I'm not Catholic. How can I learn more?

Welcome! Thank you for your interest. A great website to start is We also encourage you to find your nearest parish on our website and contact them with questions. If you don’t hear from your parish, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chancellor’s office to help get you started.

I missed the Pastoral Plan Survey. Will there ever be another one?

We are not planning another pastoral plan survey at this time; however, we will be using a variety of communication channels to seek feedback on the pastoral plan.

Who can I contact with Questions or to provide feedback?

For questions on the Pastoral Plan, please contact us at 404-920-7999 or

Additionally, we invite you to connect with us and send your feedback to us with a tweet hashtag #ATLPastoralPlan or comment on Facebook.

How can I get more involved?

If you have great ideas for implementing the Pastoral Plan, please submit your ideas to your Pastor and Parish Council and be willing to help execute the ideas and lead the program initiatives!

Additionally, we invite you to connect with us and send your feedback to us with a tweet hashtag #ATLPastoralPlan or comment on Facebook.

What is my role?

We hope you will take the time to review the plan regularly and ask yourself how you are doing at achieving its goals. Each of us is called to do our part to Know our Faith, to Live our Faith, to Sharing our Faith and to participate in the Evolution of our Parishes as we continue to grow. We ask that you focus on your own personal faith and commit to a deeper conversion to Gods love. Pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in helping to further the mission of our Catholic Church.

Finally, we ask that you pray each day for the success of our Pastoral Planning process.

What is expected of my parish in response to the plan?

We are asking parishes and missions to propose and pilot ways to begin to address the “how to” in regard to implementing each of the recommendations outlined in the Pastoral Plan.

At a deanery level, we are asking that a portion of their gatherings be dedicated to reviewing and sharing these ideas and plans that will allow us to move forward. These meetings should nurture a spirit of collaboration and accountability so that all of our people may benefit from their efforts. Then, the Deans will be encouraged to report progress on these efforts to the Council of Priests and the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council.

How will this plan affect my parish?

Our hope is that you will see your parish refocus their programs and offerings to be aligned with the priorities in the pastoral plan. We also hope to see more connected communities, but you personally need to play a part in making that happen by becoming more involved! It should be noted that the manner in which we move forward may differ among our parishes—and this is good—since each of our faith communities, while tightly connected to the Universal Church, has its own unique culture and character.

What will the Church do differently?

The pastoral plan should lead to more focused action across the Archdiocese to meet the pastoral needs of the Archdiocese as a whole. We hope to enliven the faith of the community so that others will recognize Christ’s presence in us.

How will the Archdiocese evaluate the success of the Pastoral Plan?

At the Archdiocesan Level, we can use metrics from event participation, family registration, stewardship, and Mass attendance figures to assess success. Parishes, in conjunction with their local Deaneries (a geo-demographic body), will develop their own individual goals and metrics. Finally, on an individual level, only you can measure the extent to which you fall in deeper love with Christ, increase the fire of your faith, and grow closer to your parish community.

What is the ultimate goal of the Pastoral Plan?

The lasting fruit of this Pastoral Plan will be revealed in the way that we, as Church, fulfill the Great Commission Jesus gave His apostles and us:

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age [Matthew 28:18-20].”

How long will the Pastoral Plan guide the Archdiocese of Atlanta?

Implementation of this Plan will occur over the next five years.

Who came up with the Pastoral Plan?

To understand the origins of the pastoral plan, please read How did we get here?.

What is a Pastoral Plan?

As the Church in north and central Georgia has continued to expand, It became more and more apparent that together we needed to understand more clearly and address the very real challenges and, equally, the incredible opportunities before our faith communities. Such assessments lead to what is generally called a Pastoral Plan which is the Archbishop’s vision of how we can meet the pastoral needs of the Archdiocese for the next five years. This document focuses on “what” we must do. There are many details that will be worked out regarding “how” we will move forward as we continue to communicate our expectations of and our commitments to one another as members of this unique and remarkable family of faith.

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