What is the Metropolitan Tribunal of Atlanta?

The ministry of the Metropolitan Tribunal of Atlanta includes all matters concerning the application and practice of canon law within the Archdiocese of Atlanta as well as the appeals court for the Atlanta Ecclesiastical Provinces of Atlanta, which includes the dioceses of Charlotte, Charleston, Raleigh and Savannah. By delegation, the Tribunal also handles all matters of permissions and dispensations pertaining to marriage.

The Judicial Vicar (Officialis) is the presiding judge of the Metropolitan Tribunal or court of law, and is assisted in case management and judicial processes by the judges, advocates, notaries, and other professionals of the court.

The Judicial Vicar is a consultant to the Archbishop and coordinates all aspects of Archdiocesan administration and services which are concerned with the application and practice of canon law throughout the Archdiocese of Atlanta. The staff canon lawyers and paralegal professionals of this Secretariat are canonical counsel to the bishop, offices, parishes, and institutions of the diocese.

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