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In late 2013, Archbishop Gregory decided to start the process of creating a Pastoral Plan, a vision document that would guide the Archdiocese of Atlanta from 2015-2020.

In the winter of 2013/14, clergy, laity, and the wider population were invited to participate in two surveys – Vatican Family Synod Survey and Pastoral Planning Survey. These results, along with feedback from pastor interviews in late 2012, allowed the planning team to identify four areas of Catholic life that should be the focus of our pastoral plan.

Thank you for your participation in the process!

In May, we published the Summary of Key Issues (Resumen de Los Asuntos Claves). This document described the context for each issue, listed several critical dimensions related to each issue and posed key questions for each dimension. At this time, Parishes were requested to provide 3 recommendations or actions relative to each issue.

Study Guides were published in June to aid in the discussion at the Parish Level.  Available Below for Download.

In August, Archdiocesan Representatives reviewed 1600 recommendations and condensed them into categories, generating between 20 and 30 recommendations per issue.

In the fall of 2014, twelve separate sessions to prioritize these parish recommendations were held throughout the Archdiocese. These sessions were conducted with parish representatives in each of our ten deaneries, our permanent deacons and religious men and women, and our priests, who devoted their entire biennial Convocation to this effort.

The results of these meetings were sent to the Archbishop and served as the basis for the Pastoral Plan available today.

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