Things to Consider in Response to the Whys of the Catholic Faith

These considerations can help you determine the goal and design of a particular initiative in responding to the Whys of the Faith.

  • Consider the group or person’s life-stage
    1. Certain stages of life raise particular questions such as single adults, couples, seniors. See also Stages of Family Growth Life Cycle
    2. Certain life stages are more open to particular methods of instruction (apps or videos vs. small faith community setting)
  • Know your audience
    1. non-Catholic
    2. practicing Catholic
    3. returning Catholic
  • What are you looking to do?
    1. Introduce them to Jesus?
    2. Teach the person who knows Jesus and wants to follow him?
    3. Explain the faith to family and friends?
    4. Form disciples?

Regarding content, there are many varied resources. The Office of Formation and Discipleship can assist you with suggestions to fit your parish goal. Contact the Pastoral Plan Support Center.

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