Things to Consider About Family Ministry

  1. Start small. – Pilot a ministry. Evaluate afterward. Make adjustments as needed.
  1. Provide childcare at all parish events that are designed for adults. – Providing childcare for parents to whom you are looking to minister sends the message that you care about families and understand their needs. The turnout to a parish event is greater when you provide childcare. Guidelines for Safe Environment can accommodate childcare.
  1. Form a committee to address the needs of Family in your parish. – A committee can support the pastor, help determine the greatest need, plan, and pilot a small initiative on which to build.
  1. Designate a Family Ministry Liaison. – Identify a deacon or devoted lay family to be the liaison between the pastor and the diocesan family ministry staff – that can provide support, resources, and training.
  1. Consider the varied developmental stages of family life. – i.e. newly married; retired; the single adult; blended families
  1. The greatest opportunity to shape the family is during the Sunday homily. – Recognize the diversity in family configurations.
  1. Provide opportunity for small faith communities. – Families of similar developmental stage come together for support and encouragement.
  1. Ministry to Men. – There is no greater way to positively impact family life than to minister to the fathers.
  1. Create and provide mobile resources for families on the move. – Compile information and resources that parents and family members can use and access on their mobile devices (see the previous Tools for Catholic resources).
  1. Family Holy Hour where children & parents are welcome and encouraged to visit Jesus. – Parents often avoid this powerful time of prayer for fear that their children may be a distraction or a disturbance. Designing this opportunity for prayer for families allows parents and children to take advantage of it.

Regarding content, there are many varied resources. The Office of Formation and Discipleship can assist you with suggestions to fit your parish goal. Contact the Pastoral Plan Support Center.

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