What is it?

The Special Projects Program is a direct response to needs identified in the 2015 Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan. This program will allow parishes and missions with limited financial resources to request funds to expand their overcrowded facility to ensure there is room for all parishioners at Mass, Religious Education, and Pastoral activities.

Who is eligible?

Only parishes and missions of the Archdiocese of Atlanta may apply. These entities must be able to demonstrate significant overcrowding for at least the past 12 months as well as significant financial need.

How does the Special Projects Program Work?

Interested Archdiocese of Atlanta Parishes or Missions need to submit an application. The deadlines are January 15 and July 15 annually. The Special Projects Oversight Committee will review and rank the applications, and recommend awards to the Archbishop.

Where does the funding come from?

This initiative will be funded from a combination of sources including the Mission fund, Margaret Mitchell inheritance, sale of the house on Habersham, and liquidation of other assets as needed. Funds received for a project will ultimately be paid back to the Archdiocese of Atlanta through applicant rental payments that begin once construction is completed.

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