Family Formation Models

These models are designed for the Parish Catechetical Leader (PCL). They are intended to provide options for Pastors and PCLs in directing a comprehensive Faith Formation Program. A Parish Catechetical Leader, the pastor and/or his delegate, may design other models or use any combination of those listed below. The Office of Formation and Discipleship offers consultation and resources to develop a family-centered catechetical model most fitting for your parish.

Liturgical Model (Children's Liturgy of the Word)

Focus: Liturgy- Sunday Readings in the context of the Mass

Frequency: Weekly

Description: Children dismissed from Mass for Liturgy of the Word. Materials connected to the Gospel and distributed as handouts or electronically to families after Mass for home use.

Seasonal Family Gatherings Model

Focus: Themed-Based on a faith topic

Frequency: A few times each year

Description:  Model designed to enhance regular weekly religious education.  Families gather for learning about liturgical seasons or feasts.

Topical Family Gathering Model
Focus: Themed-based on a faith topic

Frequency: Monthly; variable.

Description:  Designed to increase parent participation, and as a primary source of faith formation plus sacrament preparation or alternatively to enhance weekly faith formation. Families gather regularly. Topics are chosen by parish staff.  Sacrament Preparation may be presented to children and parents at the same time.

Family Faith Fest Model
Focus: Liturgical Sunday readings, sacramental, or topical

Frequency: monthly or a few times each year; variable

Description: Gather families for a meal and faith sharing about Sunday readings or a faith formation topic.

Parent Catechist Model
Focus: Catechetical curriculum

Frequency: Monthly at the parish with weekly home sessions; variable

Description:  Parents and children gather for a meal, prayer and separate monthly sessions.  Parents receive weekly lesson plans. Parish selects curriculum and trains parents to provide instruction for their children

Parish Directed Home Study Model
Focus: Catechetical curriculum

Frequency: Daily- Weekly; variable. Families determine frequency as needed to cover lesson

Description: Pastor/his delegate selects curriculum, prepares materials, and conducts meetings to train parents for home faith formation. Sacrament preparation in an additional parish program may be required by the Pastor.

Homeschool Model
Focus: Catechetical curriculum

Frequency: Daily- Weekly. Families determine frequency needed to cover lesson

Description:  Parents submit a homeschool plan for pastor approval.  Parents select catechetical materials.  Parents also provide Sacrament preparation, or parent-led Sacrament prep plus an additional parish program, as determined by the pastor.

Annual Family Event Model (Vacation Bible School, Camp, Retreat)
Focus: Seasonal-Themed special topic

Frequency: once a year

Description: Parents and children participate together Rather than a primary means of family faith formation, this is designed as a supplemental opportunity for families to gather and enjoy faith-focused activities.This may be used to enhance any faith formation model especially during the summer or during breaks.

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