Things to Consider about Adult Faith Formation

  1. Help them. Offer learning opportunities that address their life situation. Parenting, retirement planning, divorce support, and grief are just some of the issues that people need help managing in the context of their faith.
  2. Nurture them. Provide opportunities for spiritual reflection, opportunities to encounter Jesus, to consider life lived in relationship with God and to contemplate the gifts of a rich spiritual life.
  3. Pray with them. Offer rich prayer experiences, open all ministry and classes with prayer. Pray with them and for them.
  4. Connect them with the needs of others through opportunities to serve and to work for dignity and justice for all.
  5. Respect them. Busy schedules and family challenges can be honored by offering convenient time schedules and creative formats.
  6. Teach them. Adults learn best from methods that combine some new knowledge plus time to discuss. In faith formation, time should always allow for faith sharing. Anticipate and consider their questions in the planning process.

This list is a tool to assist you in providing for adult faith formation. Keeping these tasks in mind, there are a variety of models for Adult Faith Formation. There are also many varied resources for content. Contact the Pastoral Plan Support Center for support.

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