What can we do to help our parishioners honor our priest[s] on Priesthood Sunday?

Work with the pastor, the deacon[s], parish staff, Parish Council, Parish Finance Council and volunteers to discuss the possibility of organizing Priesthood Sunday on the weekend after Thanksgiving Day or any weekend of the year. Once permission is given, develop your own special way of marking the day and honoring your parish priests – both at Mass or other parish events, such as social celebrations and school activities.

Priesthood Sunday is designed to be an event led by the laity, but you may ask your priest to participate by talking about how he experienced and answered his own calling and about priests who have inspired him.

Priesthood Sunday offers another opportunity for priests and their parishioners to build a stronger working relationship.

Events/activities to consider for Priesthood Sunday:

  • Parish pot luck dinner to celebrate “Father’s Day”
  • Coffee cake reception following Masses
  • PSR or school essay, poster or poetry contest
  • Banner in front of church
  • Announce Priesthood Sunday events in the Sunday Bulletin a few weeks before the date you select for Priesthood Sunday
  • Special cover on the Sunday Bulletin on Priesthood Sunday [please contact your bulletin rep]
  • Click here for more resources
  • Special intercessions at all Masses on Priesthood Sunday [see below]
  • Special music at all Masses on Priesthood Sunday [see below]
  • A deacon or member of the parish council or other parish leadership organization may invite the members of the assembly to join in a blessing over the parish priest(s) at all Masses on Priesthood Sunday
  • Send press releases and photos to local press

Some additional long-term suggestions

  • Invite parish prayer groups to organize a regular time of prayer for the parish priest[s]
  • Organize a “Feed the Priest” group in the parish/mission. Invite parishioners to sign up to cook dinner for the priest[s] one day a week. While they are preparing their own dinner at home, they prepare an extra plate for their priest and then drop it off at the rectory or office on a set day of the week
  • Invite children in PSR or school to write or draw notes of appreciation
  • Invite your priest for dinner with your family or friends
  • Send a card or letter to a priest who used to serve at your parish [your parish/mission office can assist you with addresses]
  • Send a card or letter to a retired priest [your parish/mission office can assist you with addresses]
Suggested Intercessions for Masses on Priesthood Sunday

Trusting in our ever-living God, let us present our prayers of petition.

For the Church, especially for Francis, our pope; for our Archbishop, the Most Reverend Gregory John Hartmayer, OFM Conv.; our auxiliary bishops the Most Rev. Joel M. Konzen, S.M., the Most Rev. Bernard E. Shlesinger III and the Most Rev. John Nhàn Trần; and for all priests and all your holy people: May they be strengthened in faith, hope and love.
Let us pray to the Lord.

For all nations and governments: May justice and peace be their goals.
Let us pray to the Lord.

For all who suffer depression, anxiety and trauma: May they find loving hearts ready to offer healing and compassion.
Let us pray to the Lord.

For those who hear Jesus’ call to vocations within the Church: May our communities support and encourage those contemplating vocations to the priesthood, deaconate, religious life and lay ecclesial ministry.
Let us pray to the Lord.

For all of us gathered to share the life Christ revealed to us in his life: Empowered by God’s Spirit, may our service of Christ’s mission be one that is based in faith, hope and love.
Let us pray to the Lord.

Faithful and Gracious God, throughout the ages you have been faithful to your promises. Stir within us faith to be true to your commands. Pour forth your love into our hearts to be servants to one another. Give us constant hope in your covenant that binds us in communion with you and one another. Continue to strengthen us, and all those who serve you and the church in ministry, especially our priests.

Music Suggestions for Priesthood Sunday

Gather 2nd Edition GIA – Gather Comprehensive GIA

Bring Forth the Kingdom
Christ will be your Strength
Faith, Hope and Love
For the Life of the World
God Has Chosen Me
Guide My Feet
I Am for You
Look Beyond
Psalm 110: You are a Priest forever
Psalm 117: Go Out to all the World
Psalm 119: Lord, I Love your commands
Song of the Chosen
The God who sends us Forth
The Servant Song
The Summons
We Are Called
We will serve the Lord
You are called to tell the Story
You have Anointed Me
You will show me the path of life.
As a Fire is Meant for Burning
Gifts that Last
Moved by the Gospel, Let us Move
Sow the Word
Eye Has Not Seen
Psalm 95: If today you hear his voice
We walk by faith
Abundant Life
Change Our Hearts
Glorious in Majesty
Jesus, Lead the Way
Send Me Jesus
Take Up Your Cross
The Word is In Your Heart
Unless a Grain of Wheat
We are Many Parts
Without Seeing You
Jesu Tawa Pano
Jubilate, Servite
Psalm 62-In God Alone
Psalm 145-I Will Praise Your Name
We Live a Mystery
You are the Voice

Gather Comprehensive 2nd Edition GIA

All That is Hidden
Embrace My Way and Cross
Go make a Difference
Go to the World!
God, whose purpose is to kindle
I Will Choose Christ
My Song will be for you forever
O Christ the Great Foundation
Only This I want
So You Must Do
Song of the Lord’s Command
Transform Us
Where Your Treasure Is
Who Calls You By Name
Father, We Thank Thee who has
For the Faithful who have answered
Set Your Heart on the Higher gifts

Ritual Song GIA Worship 3rd Edition GIA

Blessed Be God
Draw us in the Spirit’s tether
Go Make of all disciples
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light
Lord, You Give the Great Commission
The Kingdom of God
Your Word Went Forth
Covenant Hymn
By Gracious Powers
I Received the Living God
Love is His Word
‘Tis Good Lord, to be here
Fire of God Titanic Spirit
How Shall They hear the Word…

Almost all of the GIA editions have cross-over hymns, that is, hymns that appear in more than one hymnal-edition.

We Celebrate – World Library Publications (WLP)
People’s Mass Book –
World Library Publications (WLP)
Lord, when you came to the seashore
The Spirit of God
Let there be Life
Make Your Home in Me
Take, O Take me as I am
How Can I Keep from Singing?
How Firm a Foundation
Treasure out of Darkness
Blessed Assurance
Go, Be Justice
Whom Shall I send?
All the earth
The Servant Song
A Mighty Fortress
A New Commandment
Set your heart on the Higher Gifts
I Have Been Anointed

Almost all of the WLP editions have cross-over hymns, that is, hymns that appear in more than one hymnal-edition. Many hymns, found in GIA are also found in WLP editions.

En Espanol

Flor y Canto
Oregon Catholic Press (OCP)
Creo en Jesús
Creo, Señor
¡O Buen Jesús!
Quiero Servirte, Mi Señor
Yo Te le Ofrezco
A Quien Iremos
Cantando mí Fe
Dios es Amor
El Viñador
Envía Tu Espíritu
Te Den Gracias
Te Ofrezco Señor Mi Vida
Tu Eres Mi Hijo
Te Damos Gracias
¿Le Conocéis?

Blessing of the Parish Priest(s)

A deacon, or member of the parish council or other parish leadership organization, may invite the members of the assembly to join in a blessing over the parish priest(s).

In your loving kindness, O good and gracious God, you sent
your Son to be our shepherd and guide. Father ________ continues
Christ’s ministry of working in the vineyard by sustaining
and guiding your holy people. Bless Father ________.
Let your Spirit uphold him always in his service to the people
of this parish. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


The ministries of the Church are many and varied, but God
shows God’s goodness by sending priests to care for the people
of God. Today we ask God to bless Father ________,
who faithfully builds up the body of Christ.

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