“Aging demands the attention of the entire Church. How the faith community relates to its older members – recognizing their presence, encouraging their contributions, responding to their needs, and providing appropriate opportunities for spiritual growth—is a sign of the community’s spiritual health and maturity.”

-USCCB’s Blessings of Age: Pastoral Message on Growing Older Within the Faith Community,

Recognizing the rapid population growth of those in the second half of life, the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship is pleased offer Senior Adult Ministry as a focus area. We provide specialized expertise related to the holistic experience of today’s seniors with an emphasis on advancing the mission of evangelization, lifelong faith and discipleship formation, and pastoral care among older adults.

Our goal is to develop and implement a ministerial vision for all phases of senior adulthood.  We are here to offer consultation, training, and resources for parish senior adult ministry leaders by fostering networking, sharing best practices, and supporting professional growth.

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