Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care Ministry is an integral part of the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship.  We collaborate with ministry leadership and parishes to promote and sustain effective outreach for a variety of specialized needs. Recognizing the Church’s desire to respond holistically to the entire person, from within the perspective of faith, we provide support, training, and resources for parish ministry leadership so that they may effectively attend to those entrusted to their care.


Person & Identity*

The mission of the Person and Identity Project (PIP) is to assist the Catholic Church in promoting the Catholic vision of the human person and responding to the challenges of gender ideology. Because gender ideology is sowing confusion and undermining the Church’s mission of evangelization, it has created an urgent need for clarity, education, and compassionate guidance for Catholic families and young people. The website has numerous resources for parents, schools, and parishes to assist in guiding those in the church to form a loving and authentically Catholic response.

Pregnancy Counseling offered by Catholic Charities*

Catholic Charities provides free, professional counseling assisting people with decision making, problem solving, and goal setting.  Their services are aimed at helping families make positive plans that include parenting, adoption, or kinship care for their unborn child.

Pregnancy Aid Clinic*

Pregnancy Aid Clinic is a non-profit center that has been providing life-changing and life-saving services regardless of financial ability, race, age, or religion since 1984. Their care addresses the whole woman- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way.

Carried With Love – Miscarriage Support*

A comprehensive guide from Red Bird Ministries to help you in caring for your body, mind, and spirit before, during, and after pregnancy and infant loss.

Llevado con amor *

Una guía completa para cuidar el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu antes, durante y después del embarazo y la pérdida del bebé.

Be Not Afraid*

A ministry devoted to provide comprehensive, practical, and peer-based support to parents experiencing a prenatal diagnosis and carrying to term.

BNA encourages development of new services so more parents find support at diagnosis by offering training, consulting and technical assistance as well as materials to other organizations and individuals committed to service development.

Healing After Abortion*

Project Rachel is the Catholic Church’s healing ministry to those who have been hurt by abortion. It operates as a network of priests, therapists, counselors, and spiritual directors, all trained to provide compassionate one-on-one spiritual and psychological care for those who have been affected by this traumatic event.

Holy Family Counseling Center*

Holy Family Counseling Center, LLC provides counseling from a Catholic Christian perspective, and places value in the family as well as the dignity of the individual.

Courage and EnCourage Atlanta: Same Sex Attraction Support

Courage is a spiritual fellowship group for men and women who experience same-sex attraction. Through discussion, prayer and chaste friendship, Courage members strengthen each other to live out the teachings of the Catholic Church. EnCourage provides support for families and friends of people with same-sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria. In many cases, their loved ones identify as LGBTQ and no longer practice the faith. Meetings occur monthly in Atlanta. Contact Steve at 803-686-3211 or email

Suicide Help and Support

The American Federation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP) seeks to raise awareness and provide support to those affected by suicide.  Whether you’ve lost someone or are struggling with suicidal thinking—you are not alone. The AFSP seeks to bring people who have been affected by suicide out of the wilderness, and give them support and opportunities to help others.

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