There are no Catholic Cemeteries in the Atlanta metro area available for burial. Your local parish may be able to direct you to a nearby cemetery that many parishioners use. Some private cemeteries have Catholic sections, but you are not limited to those sections. The Catholic priest or deacon blesses the ground during interment.Alternatively, there are several Catholic Columbaria at individual parishes. Each parish should be contacted directly for information on availability, prices and policies.

Budapest Cemetery
  • Locate near Bremen/Waco Georgia.
  • No longer a Church near here. Remnant of Hungarian Community.
  • A Boy Scout did an Eagle Project a few years ago and did a great job of restoration.
  • No further burials (Closed)

Responsibility for Budapest Cemetery has been relinquished by the Archdiocese of Atlanta to a member of the family that previously owned it.


Locust Grove Cemetery
  • Located just 3 miles from Sharon, Georgia [Google Map]
  • Oldest Catholic Cemetery in Georgia
  • It is on the National Registry as Historic site
  • No further burials (Closed)
Purification Cemetery
  • Purification Station Church across the street (Mass once a month)
  • First move from Locust Grove, about five miles away. [Google Map]
  • Cemetery one third full.
  • Burials still being made, limited to descendants only.
  • There is a priest buried here. (drowned on sick call in a storm)
Sparta Cemetery
  • The area was a major location for labors for the railroad.
  • It is located behind the town hall. [Google Map]
  • 5 years ago someone bulldozed it off damaging the stones.
  • There was a chapel in one corner which burned down.
  • We have verified that there are graves on the site.
  • It is about two acres in size
  • Parish relocated to Sharon, Georgia
  • No further burials (Closed)

Sparta Cemetery Video

St. Patrick's Cemetery
  • Located in Washington, Georgia [Google Map]
  • Second move from Locust Grove to Washington
  • Site of the St Joseph Orphanage.
  • 50 Sister are buried there.
  • Cemetery half full.
  • Burial are still being done, limited to Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Washington parishioners.

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