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Catholic Construction Services, Inc.

Large Capital Projects Process

Exponential growth in the Catholic population in the early 1990’s prompted Archbishop John F. Donoghue to embark, in 1997, on the largest capital campaign in the history of the Archdiocese called “Building the Church of Tomorrow”. Through the enormous generosity of Georgia’s Catholics, the Archdiocese raised over $102 million dollars which helped build five new Catholic Schools and two Catholic university centers. The Archdiocese formed Catholic Construction Services, Inc. (CCSI) in 1997 to provide construction programming and management for the new schools and university centers as well as all new large capital projects undertaken by Parishes and Schools in the Archdiocese.

Since that time, CCSI has been involved in the construction of over 500 building projects valued in excess of a half billion dollars and over 150 land acquisitions or sales.

In general, parish and/or school large capital improvement plans must be reviewed by the Archdiocese to assure compatibility with the overall Archdiocesan plan and the plans of other parishes or schools in the immediate vicinity.  Moreover, there is a preliminary financial review to determine if a given project is financially feasible for the parish or school.

CCSI is a team of dedicated construction professionals whose mission is to assist the Pastors and Principals plan and manage large construction projects at their Parish or School. The Archdiocese has developed a process (Large Capital Projects Process) that must be followed for large capital projects. In addition to construction programming, CCSI assists in the process leading up to the purchase and sale of all Archdiocese real estate.

As a general rule, you need to obtain written permission from the Archbishop prior to committing the parish or school to the expenditure of funds for:

  • Major repairs to your building or grounds
  • Replacement of mechanical equipment
  • Replacement of roofs or parking lots
  • Remodeling parish or school facilities
  • Building new parish or school facilities

As part of the permission from the Archbishop, you will be instructed to contact CCSI to assist you with the project. We look forward to working with you and will assist you in any way that we can to make the project a success.

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