This is certainly a year we will never forget. While we face an unprecedented situation in our world with the spread of a mysterious virus, the Archdiocese of Atlanta remains committed to the mission of the Church. We will continue to bear witness to Jesus Christ—bringing Christ to others and others to Christ. How we do that may change as this situation evolves, but the mission remains the same.

This section of the website will be continually updated to reflect what actions we are taking as we move forward. We hope you will join us in prayer, action and joyful hope in the Risen Lord and in the Gift of the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit fill and renew us!

Where we are:

  • August 13, 2021
    Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv., announces the following schedule and conditions regarding the resumption of in-parish worship and access to parish facilities. What follows is a combination of requirements, suggestions, and best practices. These procedures will be evaluated and amended, from time to time.

How I long to find the right words to stir up enthusiasm for a new chapter of evangelization full of fervor, joy, generosity, courage, boundless love and attraction! Yet I realize that no words of encouragement will be enough unless the fire of the Holy Spirit burns in our hearts.”

                                                                        –Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel, no. 261

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful with the fire of your divine love.

Send forth your Spirit and we shall be created and you shall renew the face of the Earth.

Go and Serve:

Spiritual Support

Not everyone will be able to return to church right now. Those who are at high risk, many caretakers and others still need to shelter at home. Prayer and presence are powerful ways to support your brothers and sisters right now. Consider a phone call, a text, a distanced visit or a video chat with these neighbors. Perhaps you could offer a Mass you can attend for them. Some of you may choose to help with their physical needs by delivering food or supplies to their homes.

Parish Support

Many parishes experienced a drop in donations during the time when people could not drop an envelope into the collection; however, parishes continued to operate their charitable outreach to the best of their ability. Your pastors continue to pay their staff and their regular bills. All but a very few of our parishes, missions and schools offer online giving. Find your parish website here to register and donate online. For those few parishes without online giving, you can make a donation to the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s online donation page, select “parish offertory” from the dropdown and specify which parish you wish to support. Your donation will be directed accordingly.

You should also watch your parish website for local donation and collection drives. Several parishes have hosted blood drives and food drives since this started.

Catholic Charities of Atlanta

The need is greater than ever at this time for food, counseling, housing assistance and more. Catholic Charities staff is working to serve within this new environment. They are accepting cash and gift-card donations as well as posting specific needs to their website. You can check often for updates on how you can support their vital mission.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul, utilizing guidelines from their national headquarters, is still distributing aid to those in need. St. Vincent de Paul Georgia has seen an unprecedented surge in requests for help, far exceeding even the 2008 economic crisis. As you might imagine, they expect to see those numbers climb higher and higher in the days to come. You can keep up with needs and ways to help via your parish chapter or the state website here.

Mercy Care Atlanta

Mercy Care Atlanta is serving the medical needs of at-risk communities in the midst of this crisis. In addition to cash donations, you can supply meal kits or cloth masks to help them in their work. See their COVID-19 response page for updates on how you can help.

Be Well:

National Information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updates their information and guidance daily.

State of Georgia Information

The Georgia Department of Public Health updates their statistics several times per day. This may be useful for individual communities.

Educational Materials

Protecting yourself and others from respiratory illnesses like the flu starts with you. Here are some educational materials such as factsheets, videos and trainings on nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) that you can print, watch, act on, and share with others.

Holy Family Counseling Center – Quarantine Survival Guide

This resource provides self-care strategies and tips ranging from daily exercise, hydration and sleep to the importance of prayer, managing finances and navigating the daily news. It also comes with a tool to help establish a healthy, daily routine.

Medical Decision-Making and End-of-Life Issues: Guidance for Catholic Leaders & Families

As we have been facing the realities of a pandemic, pastoral leaders and families need an understanding of Catholic teaching on medical decision-making and end-of-life issues to offer ethical and compassionate counsel.

Mental Health and Other Resources for Times of Crisis

This time of social distancing, quarantines and precautions in the face of the novel coronavirus has been an opportunity for deeper prayer, renewal, taking stock of priorities and balancing work with spending more time with the family. However, it has also been a time that has presented unique challenges and stressors for individuals and families. For some, it may have exacerbated ongoing personal or familial challenges and difficulties. Here are resources that may be helpful for families and individuals to consider.

Come Holy Spirit – Fill and Renew Us

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