The burial of the dead has always been recognized by the Church as a religious rite and a corporal work of mercy. Many people are involved in this ministry: priests, deacons, religious, musicians, cemetery staff, funeral directors, funeral home staff, and parish members who assist the family, lead bereavement support groups, and support the faithful in praying for the dead.

Budapest Cemetery
  • Locate near Bremen/Waco Georgia.
  • No longer a Church near here. Remnant of Hungarian Community.
  • A Boy Scout did an Eagle Project a few years ago and did a great job of restoration.
  • No further burials (Closed)

Responsibility for Budapest Cemetery has been relinquished by the Archdiocese of Atlanta to a member of the family that previously owned it.


Locust Grove Cemetery
  • Located just 3 miles from Sharon, Georgia [Google Map]
  • Oldest Catholic Cemetery in Georgia
  • It is on the National Registry as Historic site
  • No further burials (Closed)
Purification Cemetery
  • Purification Station Church across the street (Mass once a month)
  • First move from Locust Grove, about five miles away. [Google Map]
  • Cemetery one third full.
  • Burials still being made, limited to descendants only.
  • There is a priest buried here. (drowned on sick call in a storm)
Sparta Cemetery
  • The area was a major location for labors for the railroad.
  • It is located behind the town hall. [Google Map]
  • 5 years ago someone bulldozed it off damaging the stones.
  • There was a chapel in one corner which burned down.
  • We have verified that there are graves on the site.
  • It is about two acres in size
  • Parish relocated to Sharon, Georgia
  • No further burials (Closed)

Sparta Cemetery Video

St. Patrick's Cemetery
  • Located in Washington, Georgia [Google Map]
  • Second move from Locust Grove to Washington
  • Site of the St Joseph Orphanage.
  • 50 Sister are buried there.
  • Cemetery half full.
  • Burial are still being done, limited to Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Washington parishioners.

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