Why Have a Second Collection?

Second collections are a stewardship learning moment.  As Catholics we are part of a universal Church that extends well beyond our own parish boundaries.  Jesus calls us to “make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19).  Through the second collection, we have a ready opportunity to give to those causes held up by our Church leaders as important in fulfilling that call of Our Lord.

Second collections develop international awareness of the needs of those beneficiaries—whether   an Indian child on a North Dakota reservation or a pilgrim to the Holy Land.  The bishops in the United States created the national collections so that by combining our resources we can more effectively carry out our mission as Catholics.  Each of the collections is worthy of support and represents our community of faith at its best—working in the world, improving lives, and saving souls.

Donor Rights

We take our donors’ intentions seriously.  The Archdiocese of Atlanta has adopted a “Donor Bill of Rights.” to assure you that the gifts you give, whether at the parish level or the archdiocesan level, will be used for the purposes for which they were given.  For example, when a second collection is held for the Catholic Relief Fund, donors can be confident that their financial gift is being forwarded to Catholic Relief Services.

If for some reason, a donor does not wish to support an organization designated for the second collection, they need only withhold their second collection gift on that particular Sunday.

Upcoming Second Collections

Please view these collections in the light of stewardship and of sharing. God has given us our life and our prosperity; it is right and just that we give something back helping people in our own country and throughout the world.

Thank you for your generous response!

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Georgia Archdiocese Annual Second Collection – September 18-19, 2021

The annual second collection for St. Vincent de Paul Georgia will happen during all masses next weekend, September 18 - 19. This collection goes not only to helping people in our area, but also to families and individuals in need across the state. A large network of volunteers, community partners, and a central support staff allows SVdP Georgia to provide life-changing programs and services, including direct aid assistance, Client Choice Food Pantries, and support that helps clients move toward stability and self-sufficiency. With a commitment to compassion and respect, SVdP works tirelessly to help thousands of families and individuals in need.

Last year, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia delivered over $19 million in financial, material, educational, and spiritual support to more than 119,000 people. This support helps keep people in their homes, ensures that their utilities stay on, and puts food on their tables. This special second collection helps St. Vincent de Paul continue this mission. Please be generous during this collection, and know that your donation goes directly to help families and individuals move from crisis to stability.

La segunda colecta anual para St. Vincent de Paul Georgia ocurrirá durante todas las misas del próximo fin de semana (18 y 19 de septiembre). Esta colecta no sólo ayudará  a las personas en nuestra área, sino también a familias y personas necesitadas en todo el estado. Una amplia red de voluntarios, socios de la comunidad y personal de apoyo central permiten a SVdP Georgia proveer programas y servicios que cambian vidas, incluyendo asistencia de ayuda directa, despensas de alimentos  y apoyo en general que ayuda a los clientes a lograr la estabilidad y la autosuficiencia. Con un compromiso de compasión y respeto, SVdP trabaja incansablemente para ayudar a miles de familias e individuos necesitados.

El año pasado, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia proporcionó mas de $19 millones en ayuda financiera, material, educativa y espiritual a más de 119.000 personas. Este apoyo, ayuda a mantener a la gente en sus hogares, asegura que sus servicios públicos continúen funcionando y pone comida en sus mesas. Esta segunda colecta especial ayuda a St. Vincent de Paul a continuar con esta misión. Por favor sean generosos en esta colecta y sepan que su donativo va directamente a ayudar a las familias y personas en crisis a lograr la estabilidad.

Last Updated: August 13, 2021

The Catholic University of America National Collection – September 4-5, 2021

This weekend, parishes in your arch/diocese will be taking up the National Collection for The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Now, more than ever, the University is strategically positioned to pave the way forward and help the laity play a significant role in healing.

Through hosting a conference series focused on laity response, and in creating an Institute for Diocesan Excellence in Administration (IDEA) where lay scholars and professionals can support clergy by providing expertise and accountability, Catholic University will serve as a springboard in renewing and strengthening Catholicism in our country.

Your support of the National Collection will help us solve issues within the Church and educate graduates who will leave campus ready to impact the Church, the nation, and the world. We appreciate your generosity. You can learn more at collection.catholic.edu.

Este fin de semana, las parroquias en su archi/diócesis tomarán la Colección Nacional de la Universidad Católica de América en Washington, DC Ahora, más que nunca, la Universidad está estratégicamente posicionada para allanar el camino y ayudar a los laicos a desempeñar un papel importante en curación.

Al organizar una serie de conferencias centradas en la respuesta de los laicos, y al crear un Instituto para la Excelencia Diocesana en Administración (IDEA) donde académicos

y profesionales laicos pueden apoyar al clero proporcionando experiencia y responsabilidad, la Universidad Católica servirá como un trampolín para renovar y fortalecer el catolicismo en nuestro país.

Su apoyo a la Colección Nacional nos ayudará a resolver problemas dentro de la Iglesia y educar a los graduados que dejarán la escuela listos para impactar a la Iglesia, la nación y el mundo. Apreciamos tu generosidad

Para obtener más información visite: collection.catholic.edu.

Last Updated: July 20, 2021

Second Collection for Missionary Cooperative – July 10-11, 2021

Through our second collection today, we participate in the Mission Cooperative Program of the archdiocese.  Several different mission organizations, religious orders and financially struggling (arch) dioceses will directly benefit from your generosity.  Thank you for your charitable response last year and please give generously in today’s collection.

Hoy, a través de la segunda colecta, participamos en el Programa Cooperativo de Misiones de la Arquidiócesis. Su generosidad beneficiará a distintas organizaciones, comunidades religiosas, arquidiócesis y diócesis que atraviesan dificultades económicas. Agradecemos su respuesta caritativa del año pasado, y le pedimos que sean generosos en la colecta de hoy.

Last Updated: June 9, 2021

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