Second Collection Information

Why Have Second Collections?

A Stewardship Moment

“Discipleship means that we care about one another. Discipleship means that the needs of the Church touch our hearts and inspire us to tend to the needs of others—whether those impacted by local floods and hurricanes that destroy the lives of people in our own nation or in lands that we have only just read about. It seems that all we require is a reminder of the need, and we open our lives in concern for other. It is a tradition that Paul began for the ancient Church, and we have been having ‘second collections’ since then—with no end in sight, as long as there is a need that we find!” – Archbishop Wilton Gregory

Second collections are a stewardship learning moment.  As Catholics we are part of a universal Church that extends well beyond our own parish boundaries.  Jesus calls us to “make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19).  Through the second collection, we have a ready opportunity to give to those causes held up by our Church leaders as important in fulfilling that call of Our Lord.

Second collections develop international awareness of the needs of those beneficiaries—whether   an Indian child on a North Dakota reservation or a pilgrim to the Holy Land.  The bishops in the United States created the national collections so that by combining our resources we can more effectively carry out our mission as Catholics.  Each of the collections is worthy of support and represents our community of faith at its best—working in the world, improving lives, and saving souls.

Donor Rights

We take our donors’ intentions seriously.  The Archdiocese of Atlanta has adopted a “Donor Bill of Rights.” to assure you that the gifts you give, whether at the parish level or the archdiocesan level, will be used for the purposes for which they were given.  For example, when a second collection is held for the Catholic Relief Fund, donors can be confident that their financial gift is being forwarded to Catholic Relief Services.

If for some reason, a donor does not wish to support an organization designated for the second collection, they need only withhold their second collection gift on that particular Sunday.

Upcoming Second Collections

Please view these collections in the light of stewardship and of sharing. God has given us our life and our prosperity; it is right and just that we give something back helping people in our own country and throughout the world.

Thank you for your generous response!


Hispanic Ministries Second Collection - January 19-20, 2019

1.14 MB | Updated: January 17, 2019

This, the second collection is for all the Hispanic Ministries of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. The help we provide to our Hispanic brothers and sisters is accompanied by pastoral services as religious education, evangelization programs as well as the Sacraments and the Eucharist in their own language and culture, for their spiritual support and integration to the parish life. All contributions go directly to serve the Hispanic community of the archdiocese. Please be generous, the needs are great.

Hoy se realizará una segunda colecta para todos los ministerios hispanos de la arquidiócesis. La ayuda que proporcionamos a nuestros hermanos y hermanas hispanos va acompañada de servicios pastorales como la educación religiosa, programas de evangelización y también los sacramentos y la Eucaristía en su propia lengua y cultura para su crecimiento espiritual y su integración a la vida de la parroquia. Todas las contribuciones están dirigidas al servicio de la comunidad hispana de la Arquidiócesis. Les rogamos sean generosos ya que las necesidades son muchas.


2018 Catholic Charities Christmas Second Collection - December 24-25, 2018

261.63 KB | Updated: November 13, 2018

This second collection benefits Catholic Charities Atlanta. Last year, Catholic Charities served over 16,000 families and individuals. When families are barely keeping things together, one unexpected challenge can completely disrupt everything. Within a short period of time that “one” problem begins to impact nearly every facet of the family’s life.

Your gift to Catholic Charities will allow them to continue to share the gift of hope this Christmas season. Every donation—large or small—nourishes the hope of those most vulnerable and helps families get back on the road to independence.  Please give generously to the 2nd collection today!

La segunda colecta de hoy beneficiará a Caridades Católicas de Atlanta.  Caridades Católicas ayudó a mas de 16.000 familias e individuos el año pasado. Cuando las familias apenas pueden mantenerse a flote, cualquier problema inesperado puede desequilibrar todo completamente. Dentro de un corto período de tiempo "ese" problema comienza a afectar casi todas las áreas de la vida familiar.

Su donación a Caridades Católicas le permitirá a esas familias seguir compartiendo el regalo de la esperanza durante esta temporada de Navidad. Toda donación – grande o pequeña — alimenta la esperanza de aquellos más vulnerables y ayuda a las familias a volver al camino hacia la independencia.  ¡Por favor done generosamente a la segunda colecta de hoy!


Collection for Retired Religious - December 8-9, 2018

8.92 MB | Updated: November 5, 2018

Aging religious need your help. Senior Catholic sisters, brothers, and religious order priests ministered for years for little to no pay. Their sacrifices now leave their religious communities without adequate retirement savings. Your gift to today’s second collection for the Retirement Fund for Religious helps to provide medications, nursing care, and more for tens of thousands of elderly religious. Please be generous.

Los religiosos ancianos necesitan su ayuda. Hermanas, hermanos y sacerdotes católicos de órdenes religiosas de edad avanzada laboraron durante muchos años con poco o ningún pago. Sus sacrificios ahora dejan a sus comunidades religiosas sin ahorros suficientes para su jubilación. Su donativo a la segunda colecta de hoy al Fondo para la Jubilación de Religiosos proporciona fondos vitales para medicamentos, enfermeros y más, para cientos de miles de religiosos ancianos. Sean generosos.

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