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Why Have Second Collections?

A Stewardship Moment

“Discipleship means that we care about one another. Discipleship means that the needs of the Church touch our hearts and inspire us to tend to the needs of others—whether those impacted by local floods and hurricanes that destroy the lives of people in our own nation or in lands that we have only just read about. It seems that all we require is a reminder of the need, and we open our lives in concern for other. It is a tradition that Paul began for the ancient Church, and we have been having ‘second collections’ since then—with no end in sight, as long as there is a need that we find!” – Archbishop Wilton Gregory

Second collections are a stewardship learning moment.  As Catholics we are part of a universal Church that extends well beyond our own parish boundaries.  Jesus calls us to “make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19).  Through the second collection, we have a ready opportunity to give to those causes held up by our Church leaders as important in fulfilling that call of Our Lord.

Second collections develop international awareness of the needs of those beneficiaries—whether   an Indian child on a North Dakota reservation or a pilgrim to the Holy Land.  The bishops in the United States created the national collections so that by combining our resources we can more effectively carry out our mission as Catholics.  Each of the collections is worthy of support and represents our community of faith at its best—working in the world, improving lives, and saving souls.

Donor Rights

We take our donors’ intentions seriously.  The Archdiocese of Atlanta has adopted a “Donor Bill of Rights.” to assure you that the gifts you give, whether at the parish level or the archdiocesan level, will be used for the purposes for which they were given.  For example, when a second collection is held for the Catholic Relief Fund, donors can be confident that their financial gift is being forwarded to Catholic Relief Services.

If for some reason, a donor does not wish to support an organization designated for the second collection, they need only withhold their second collection gift on that particular Sunday.

Upcoming Second Collections

Please view these collections in the light of stewardship and of sharing. God has given us our life and our prosperity; it is right and just that we give something back helping people in our own country and throughout the world.

Thank you for your generous response!


Catholic Communications, May 12-13, 2018

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This collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). Your support helps the CCC connect people to Christ, here and around the world, through the internet, television, radio, and print media. Half of the funds we collect remains in our diocese to support local efforts. Be a part of this campaign to spread the gospel message and support the collection today!

To learn more, visit

Hoy realizaremos la colecta para la Campaña Católica de la Comunicación (CCC). Su contribución sirve para ayudar a que la CCC conecte a las personas con Cristo, aquí y alrededor del mundo a través del Internet, la televisión, la radio y los medios impresos. La mitad de los fondos recaudados permanece en nuestra diócesis para financiar nuestros proyectos locales. ¡Sea parte de esta campaña para difundir el mensaje del evangelio y contribuya a la colecta de hoy!

Para informarse más, visite


2018 Catholic Home Missions Appeal - April 28-29

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Many dioceses right here in the United States do not have enough priests and trained lay ministers to serve their parishes. These dioceses are known as home missions. The Catholic Home Missions Appeal will take place this weekend in the second collection, and supports these dioceses by funding essential ministries, including seminary education and lay ministry training. Please be generous in this appeal and share your resources to strengthen the Church at home.

Muchas diócesis, aquí mismo, en los Estados Unidos no cuentan con suficientes sacerdotes y ministros laicos capacitados para servir en sus parroquias. A estas diócesis se les conoce como diócesis misioneras. El Llamado para las Diócesis Misioneras se realizará este fin de semana durante la segunda colecta y da apoyo a estas diócesis otorgando fondos para los ministerios básicos, incluyendo la educación de seminaristas y capacitación para el ministerio laico. Por favor, sean generosos en este llamado y comparta sus recursos para fortalecer la Iglesia en casa.


Catholic Relief Services Collection March 10-11, 2018

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This week, we are taking up The Catholic Relief Services Collection to respond to Jesus in disguise. This collection helps six Catholic agencies to provide relief and support to struggling communities and to work toward peace and reconciliation among our marginalized brothers and sisters here and around the world. Please prayerfully consider how you can support the collection. Learn more at

Esta semana realizaremos The Catholic Relief Services Collection para responder a Jesús con otro rostro, ¿le ayudarás? Esta colecta ayuda a seis agencias católicas a brindar asistencia y apoyo a las comunidades luchan por salir adelante y trabajar para conseguir la paz y la reconciliación entre nuestras hermanas y hermanos marginados aquí y alrededor del mundo. Por favor, en oración, considera la manera en la que puedas contribuir a esta colecta. Infórmate más en

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