The word ‘synod’ says it all: it means ‘journeying together.’ The Book of Acts is the story of a journey that started in Jerusalem, passed through Samaria and Judea, then on to the regions of Syria, Asia Minor, Greece, ending up in Rome. A journey that reveals how God’s word, and the people who heed and put their faith in that word, journey together. The word of God journeys with us. Everyone has a part to play; no one is a mere extra. This is important: everyone has a part to play. The Pope, the Cardinal Vicar and the auxiliary bishops are not more important than the others; no, all of us have a part to play and no one can be considered simply as an extra.” (Address of his Holiness Pope Francis to the faithful of the Diocese of Rome, Sept. 2021)

All are invited to learn more about the synod both globally and here in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. We are providing resources for this study and will be updating this page as new resources become available.

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