The college of consultors is a diocesan body of six to 12 priests, selected from the council of priests by the archbishop. Members are appointed to five-year, rotating, renewable terms. Canon law requires the archbishop to consult with his college of consultors before making certain decisions.

Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory

Members: Term Ends:
Most Reverend David Talley April 15, 2018
Reverend Terry Crone April 15, 2018
Reverend Roberto Herrera April 15, 2018
Monsignor Ed Branch January 18, 2017
Reverend John Koziol OFM Conv. January 18, 2017
Most Reverend Luis Zarama June 6, 2016
Monsignor Albert Jowdy June 6, 2016
Monsignor Frank McNamee November 15, 2015
Monsignor Peter J. Rau November 15, 2015
Monsignor James A. Schillinger November 15, 2015
Monsignor John Walsh November 15, 2015
Monsignor Joe Corbett November 15, 2015