The college of consultors is a diocesan body of six to 12 priests, selected from the council of priests by the archbishop. Members are appointed to five-year, rotating, renewable terms. Canon law requires the archbishop to consult with his college of consultors before making certain decisions.


Most Reverend Gregory John Hartmayer, OFM Conv.

Members: Term Expires:
Most Reverend Bernard E. Shlesinger, III October 31, 2022
Reverend Henry Atem October 31, 2022
Reverend Daniel Ketter, JCL October 31, 2022
Most Reverend Joel M. Konzen, S.M. September 30, 2023
Reverend Monsignor Daniel Stack September 30, 2023
Reverend Rafael Carballo March 30, 2024
Reverend Monsignor John Walsh October 31, 2026
Reverend Pedro Poloche, J.C.L. October 31, 2026
Reverend Tuan Quoc (Francis) Tran October 31, 2026
Very Reverend Neil Dhabliwala, V.F. October 31, 2026
Reverend Reybert Pineda October 31, 2026
Reverend Robert Hussey, S.J. October 31, 2026

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