Child Abuse Prevention Resources

Child Abuse Prevention Blessing

Dear Lord, 

We ask You to bless these Your holy people who have participated in the Church’s efforts to help stop child sexual abuse. Open their hearts to Your call to be the “ears, eyes and voice of children and young people” everywhere. Give them the vision and grace needed to fulfill the special commitments that each of them has made to making their homes, churches, schools, communities and world a safer place for all God’s Children.

USCCB Child Abuse Prevention Resources

The button to the left will take you to the USCCB’s Child Abuse Prevention Month Resources page. The USCCB has links for a whole host of things to use during April and beyond (in both English and Spanish), including a link to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Take 25 Program AND much, much more!

USCCB Child Abuse Prevention Downloadable Resources

Georgia Child Abuse Statistics

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Internet Safety Resources

Internet-Safety-Resources.pdf  Download  
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Internet Safety Resources in Spanish

InternetSafetyResources-Parents-SPANISH.pdf  Download  
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National Statistics about Child Abuse

Statistics 2016 - National.pdf  Download  
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National Statistics about Child Abuse in Spanish

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Texting Safety Resources

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