Human Resources Staff

Main Number: 404-920-7480
Fax Number: 404-920-7481

Chuck Thibaudeau, Chief Human Resources Officer

Phone: 404-920-7482

Do you have a job at your parish or school that needs to be filled?

Name Position What we can help you with: Phone # E-mail
Marquita Richburg Director of Human Resources Employee Relations; Employment Law and Company Policy & Procedural Updates/Interpretation; Compensation 404-920-7483
Lily Gallagher Director of Benefits Group Medical, Life, LTD; Workers Compensation; Retirement [Pension and 403(b)] 404-920-7485
Rosa Montano-Parker Senior Benefits Specialist Health Ins. Issues; Life Ins. Enrollments 404-920-7486
Fay Duhe` Senior Benefits Specialist Worker’s Comp; 403(b) Enrollments; ID Card Replacement (Group Health Ins.) 404-920-7484
Erin Phillips HR Specialist Family Medical Leave (FMLA); New Hire and Termination processes and procedures; Business Manager Training; Full-time employee processing 404-920-7488
Gisella Cotter HR Coordinator Employment Authorizations (Form I-9), E-Verity, Background screenings for employment, Personnel Actions for Shared Accounting Service (SAS) locations, and Part-time employment processing 404-920-7490
Open HR Assistant Employment Records Retention; Employee, Clergy and Volunteer ID cards and badges; job postings; and Employment Verification requests 404-920-7495
Shannon Wiggins HRMS Analyst Technical Support for payroll, safe environment, and other management systems 404-920-7492

Office of Safe Environment

Name Position Phone # E-mail
Jenni Weldin Director of the Safe Environment Program 404-920-7550
Gina Garcia Program Assistant 404-920-7552
Maria Bucio Program Assistant 404-920-7489

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