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Established: May 20, 1971
Deanery: Northeast Metro
County: DeKalb

Corpus Christi is home to approximately 1,200 families from Stone Mountain and surrounding communities. Parishioners are a blend of Asians, Caribbeans, Hispanics, Africans, African Americans, Native Americans, Europeans and White Americans of various ethnic and geographical backgrounds. Their parish motto is, “This is my church. This is my house. This is my family.”

Corpus Christi Catholic Church Finance Reports

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FY2017-18 Certification Download 
FY2017-18 Annual Report Download 
2016-2017 Certification Download 
2016-2017 Annual Report Download 
2015-2016 Certification Download 
2015-2016 Annual Report Download 
2014-2015 – Certification Download 
2014-2015 Annual Report Download 

    Corpus Christi Geo-Demographics

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    Corpus Christi 2016 Geo Demographic Method Notes Download 
    Corpus Christi 2016 Geo Demographic Summary Download 
    Corpus Christi 2016 Geo Demographic Detailed Report Download 

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