Established: 1987
Deanery: Northeast
County: Jackson

The St. Catherine Labouré parish community continues to “build the future of the Catholic Church in Jackson and neighboring counties.” This warm, friendly and self-motivated community continues to be a place of prayer and service.

Saint Catherine Laboure Financial Statements

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2016-17 Certification Download 
2016-17 Annual Report Download 
2015-16 Certification Download 
2015-16 Annual Report Download 
2014-15 – Certification Download 
2014-15 – Annual Report Download 

    Saint Catherine Laboure Geo-Demographics

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    Saint Catherine of Laboure 2016 Geo Demographic Method Notes Download 
    Saint Catherine Laboure 2016 Geo Demographic Summary Download 
    Saint Catherine Laboure 2016 Geo Demographic Detailed Report Download 

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