The Office of Evangelization and Discipleship sponsors an online three-year Certificado en Ministerio Pastoral, provided by the University of Dallas Neuhoff Institute for Ministry and Evangelization, fully in Spanish. The main objective of this initiative is to form Spanish-speaking parish leaders and catechists, nominated by their pastors, to support the evangelizing, catechetical and pastoral ministry in the Archdiocese of Atlanta parishes.

The program has rendered many fruits since its inception in the year 2013. To date, three different cohorts totaling 186 parish leaders and catechists have successfully graduated (with the formerly known Certificado en Teologia Pastoral) ; 62 more will obtain their certificate in May 2022. Pastors will be invited to nominate a student to participate in future cohorts to continue this formation.

The Archdiocese’s efforts have been supported and recognized by Atlanta pastors, religious and parish leaders, and at the national level by the then National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (more recently In Word and Witness), who awarded the Archdiocese the 2017 Diocesan New Wineskins Award, acknowledging the effectiveness and the evangelizing and catechetical contribution of this initiative.

Graduates can request their studies be considered to fulfill the academic requirement to obtain the Archdiocesan Master Catechist Certificate.

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