The Emmaus Experience is a retreat is available for men and women separately. This movement is based on the Gospel of Saint Luke chapter 24,13-24, The Disciples of Emmaus. Like the disciples of Jesus at Pentecost, we feel our hearts burning with the desire to pass on to others what we have received by the grace of the Holy Spirit through the Emmaus retreat. Our desire is to make it available to all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Welcome /Bienvenidos

It is an effective process of spiritual renewal which unites the members of the parish (priests, religious, laity) to be able to experience personal conversion and Christian community in the environment of their own parish. The secret is its simplicity. In the context of personal rebirth and parish rehabilitation this is: evangelization, repentance, catechesis, communal opportunity to commit oneself, spiritual formation, apostolate, service and building up of the Christian community.

  • Spiritual Director Deacon John Martin
  • Lay Director:  Erwin Schlottfeldt
  • Email: schgio@hotmail.com

School of the Cross/Escuela de la Cruz

Universal Public Association of the Faithful, its purpose is the formation of lay men for the service of the Church in communion with the local Bishop. The School of the Cross, the work of lay people and priests, advised by the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, aims to lead married men married to a conscious and profound Christian life; where the risen Jesus is Lord, by the transforming action of the Holy Spirit, for the Glory of the Father, in union  with Mary,  give a joyful and radiant testimony of what they live in their own environment.  It responds to the urgent need of the Church of mature lay people, leaders committed to the proclamation of the message of salvation, especially in the most abandoned and trampled environment.

  • Spiritual Director: Father Gerardo Ceballos
  • Lay Director: Gerardo Alarcón
  • Email: grrdalarcon20@gmail.com

Cursillo of Christianity/Cursillo de Cristiandad

The Cursillo of Christianity is a Church Movement that, through its own method, makes possible the living of the Christian fundamentals, and helps to discover and fulfill the personal vocation. It promotes the creation of nuclei of Christians, who ferment the environments of the Gospel.

Charismatic Renewal/Renovación Carismática

This group promotes the personal conversion of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, fostering openness to the Holy Spirit, and promotes his presence and his power. This is experienced “allowing the Holy Spirit to act freely”, in order to actualize the graces received in Baptism, thus bringing a new strength to carry out missionary service in the Church, animating the work of evangelization and growing in holiness.

Prayer and Life Workshops/Talleres de Oración y Vida

It is a program to learn and deepen the art of prayer. They give the faithful a practical method to learn to pray: and to pray in an orderly, varied and progressive way: from the first steps to the depths of contemplation. The workshop consists of 15 two-hour sessions for a number of 15-25 participants.

Apostles of the Word

The Apostles of the Word are a missionary family that has as a goal to help all the faithful live their Christian vocation in a plentiful way. 

They have the following objectives:

  • Spread the Word of God in all the possible ways.
  • Foster in the youth a year of apostolic service in the Catholic Church.
  • Create a popular Missionary system.
  • Promote the defense of the Catholic Faith.

The Apostles of the Word fell called to work in the places and environments that have the most needs. There, and in coordination with the ecclesial authority, teach the Christian doctrine in the name of the Church.

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