Our efforts in respect life ministry include an emphasis on Catholic teaching about the gift of marriage and family. In helping others develop a greater respect for life, an integral component is addressing the foundational context for life and love.

To help further an understanding of the connection between marriage, family, and respect for life, please see below for resources from the Church. We have links to the following:

“In our own time, in a world often alien and even hostile to faith, believing families are of primary importance as centers of living, radiant faith.” – Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 1656

Pope Francis, General Audience of June 3rd, 2015

“We must endeavour to stay ever closer to families afflicted by poverty. In effect, social misery affects the family and at times destroys it. The lack or loss of work, or its precariousness, have serious repercussions on family life, putting relationships under stress. The living conditions in the most disadvantaged areas, with problems regarding housing and transport, as well as the reduction of social, healthcare and educational services, cause further difficulties. Added to these material factors there is also the damage caused to the family by false models, propagated by the mass media, based on consumerism and the cult of appearances, which affect the poorest social classes and increase the disintegration of family bonds.”

Pope Francis’s Meeting with Families in Philippines, January 2015

Familiaris Consortio, Pope Saint John Paul II

“The communion of love between God and people, a fundamental part of the Revelation and faith experience of Israel, finds a meaningful expression in the marriage covenant which is established between a man and a woman. For this reason the central word of Revelation, “God loves His people,” is likewise proclaimed through the living and concrete word whereby a man and a woman express their conjugal love. Their bond of love becomes the image and the symbol of the covenant which unites God and His people.” – Paragraph 12

“Christian marriage and the Christian family build up the Church: for in the family the human person is not only brought into being and progressively introduced by means of education into the human community, but by means of the rebirth of baptism and education in the faith the child is also introduced into God’s family, which is the Church.” – Paragraph 15

Humanae Vitae, Blessed Pope Paul VI

“The right and lawful ordering of birth demands, first of all, that spouses fully recognize and value the true blessings of family life and that they acquire complete mastery over themselves and their emotions. For if with the aid of reason and of free will they are to control their natural drives, there can be no doubt at all of the need for self-denial. Only then will the expression of love, essential to married life, conform to right order.” – Paragraph 21

“Among the fruits that ripen if the law of God be resolutely obeyed, the most precious is certainly this, that married couples themselves will often desire to communicate their own experience to others.” – Paragraph 26

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