Suffering from infertility?

We reverence your pain. The Lord and his Church are with you.

If you have suffered the heartache of miscarriage, please visit:

Ethical Fertility Treatments in the Atlanta Area:


Reproductive Health Medicine & Gynecology (RHM) proudly serves the Archdiocese of Atlanta by delivering medical care that always promotes the dignity of all persons and prioritizes health and wellness of the whole person.

RHM delivers restorative medical care for gynecological, reproductive, and fertility health needs.  RHM medical protocols respond to hormonal dysfunction arising throughout a woman’s reproductive continuum, puberty through menopause.  Common symptoms of hormonal dysfunction include painful menstruation, irregular cycles, acne, weight change, infertility, and miscarriage.  RHM recognizes that such symptoms often signal underlying hormonal dysfunction and involve the delicate interplay of the whole body.

RHM restorative medical protocols precisely identify and respond to root causes of abnormality.  RHM medical providers deliver effective and targeted treatment plans specific to each patient case.  Protocols integrate physiology, endocrinology, and immunity and follow major medical guidelines including FEMM/RHRI, CrMS/NaProTechnology and Marquette University.

RHM upholds ovulation as an essential vital sign of health.  The medical team is trained in all charting methods and works closely with RHM’s charting educators to engage women in their health.  Charting consultations teach women to accurately identify their time of ovulation and equip them to make informed decisions for their health.

RHM’s telehealth and licensing capacity now delivers restorative medical care to women in 48 states across the country and accepts all private insurance.  Making an appointment is easy!  Call 770- 450- 8677,  request an appointment here, or email

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