The Catholic Communications Office works for the Archbishop to ensure that the Archdiocese of Atlanta is represented as a unified Body of Christ.  We strive to ensure a clear, consistent message of God’s love through His Church.

To ensure a consistent, unified message, all employees, parishes, schools, and institutions affiliated with the Archdiocese of Atlanta are required to comply with the following media communication policy.

All media inquiries or contact with the media should be directed to:

  • Comments to the media can only be issued by the Communications Director unless they authorize someone else to comment.
  • Story submissions and letters to the editor of any media outlet may not be submitted without the approval of the Communications Director. The exception to this policy is the submission of information about a parish event or schedule.
  • If a reporter, photographer, or videotaping crew shows up unexpectedly at your institution, contact the Communications Director before you allow them on the grounds of your facility.  You or your authorized representative may be directed to speak or not to speak with the media after the Communications Director determines if any response is appropriate.

This policy has been put in place to protect the Archdiocese of Atlanta and the people it is charged with serving.

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