Finance Staff

Main Office Phone: 404-920-7400

Name Position Phone # E-mail
Brad Wilson CFO 404-920-7404
Holly Orsagh Director of Financial Services 404-920-7906
Allegra Davis Internal Audit Manager 404-920-7445
Patrick Warner Parish Systems Manager 404-920-7410
Neema Mollel-Mbonika Payroll and D&L Manager 404-920-7406
Sue Stanton Parish Systems Administrator 404-920-7642
Jessica Harris Parish Support Specialist 404-920-7435
Elsa Rullan Planning Manager 404-920-7403
Camtuyen Pham Controller 404-920-7402
Christine DiMartino Senior Staff Accountant 404-920-7446
Alicia Gonzalez Vega Accounting Assistant 404-920-7426
Mary Ann Brown Accounting Assistant 404-920-7407
Laura Gonzales Accounting Assistant 404-920-7419
Carolina Figueroa Accounting Assistant 404-920-7424
Mark Beno CENGI Accounting Manager 404-920-7309
Susan Shirley School Systems Administrator 404-920-7408
Jack Husack Director of Shared Accounting Services 404-920-7416
Anne DeCaro Senior Accountant 404-920-7421
Nancy Von Hagel S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7420
Teresa Nguyen S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7417
Miramar Salamah S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7442
Geriann O’Neill S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7423
Theresa Southwood S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7427
Charlotte Kindler S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7443
Amy Perry S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7409
Shana Watson S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7401
Elsa Collins S.A.S. Accountant 404-920-7425
Name Position Phone # E-mail
Jordan Harper Assistant Claims Risk Mgr., Catholic Mutual Group 404-920-7375

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