Metropolitan Tribunal Staff

Phone #: 404-920-7500
Fax #: 404-920-7501

Name Title Phone Languages
Court Administration
Very Rev. Daniel Ketter, JCL Judicial Vicar 404-920-7506 English and Spanish
Dr. Felix Menendez, JCD, STL Court Administrator & Diocesan Judge 404-920-7528 English, Spanish, German,  Italian, French
Christine Martineck Business Manager 404-920-7509 English
Very Rev. Paul Burke, JCL Adjutant Judicial Vicar 404-920-7514 English
Very Rev. Michael Onyekuru, JCD, MS Adjutant Judicial Vicar 404-920-7504 English
Rev. Ignacio Peres Elizarraraz, JCL Diocesan Judge 404-920-7525 English, Spanish, Italian
Monsignor Edward Dillon, JCD Diocesan Judge 404-920-7500 English
Rev. Pedro Poloche, JCL Diocesan Judge 404-920-7500 English and Spanish
Dr. Carmen Zubillaga, JCD Diocesan Judge 404-920-7616 English, Spanish, Italian
Defenders of the Bond
Robert Brown, JCL, STL, J.D. Senior Defender of the Bond & Promoter of Justice 404-920-7524 English
Elyn Macek, JCL, J.D., MTS Defender of the Bond 404-920-7564 English
Promotor of Justice
Robert Brown, JCL, STL, J.D. Senior Defender of the Bond & Promoter of Justice 404-920-7524 English
Angela Pratt Moderator of the Tribunal Chancery 404-920-7511 English and Spanish
Deacon Pablo Cepeda Notary and Receptionist 404-920-7526 English and Spanish
Alondra Flores Notary 404-920-7508 English and Spanish
Duke Nguyen Notary 404-920-7512 English and Vietnamese
Rosalba Coeto Notary 404-920-7527 English and Spanish
Steven Corrales Notary 404-920-7399 English and Spanish
Rev. Gaurav Shroff, JCL Auditor 404-920-7531 English, Spanish, Italian, Hindi
Deacon Jim Tramonte Special Assistant to the Adjutant Judicial Vicar/Advocate 404-920-7510 English
Court Expert
Dr. Ann G. Howe, Ph.D. Court Expert 404-920-7507 English
Joseph Tovar Chief Advocate 404-920-7503 English and Spanish
Matthew Krause Stable Advocate 404-920-7518 English
Volunteer Advocates 404-920-7520 Various

For communications from outside the United States

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